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  1. GraemeC

    Securing Obs roof from inside

    Gina, where did you get your over centre latches? They look simple and strong. graeme
  2. GraemeC

    Telescope vs Airport security

    You should be fine. Travellers are often taking long lenses and optical equipment on as carry-on. And it's easy enough to demonstrate if someone asks. Graeme
  3. GraemeC

    Unboxing this parcel from Ioptron

    Thank you! I'm busy wiring up a ROR observatory in my garden, which will be its new home. In the meantime I will read the manual and have some dry runs. I'll put up more pics but it might take a day or two! Graeme
  4. I have taken the plunge and ordered a brand new mounting from ioptron. After dithering for a couple of years, my attention was drawn to the CEM range by the new cem120. I realised although I like to future proof my equipment as much as possible, that mount was just a bit too large if I'm hoping to travel from time to time as well as image from home. But the rest of the CEM range was getting good write-ups, so I'm happy with choosing the CEM60-ec. So far all I can say is that it looks great in the box! I have a few more tweaks to make to its new home to get everything ready so I won't do any more unboxing this week.... The mount arrived well packed, with the main case and 2 x counterweights. There is a quick start guide and leaflets that say to read them first before doing anything else Graeme
  5. GraemeC

    New Obsy in the making

    Nice work! What keeps the rollers in line? Graeme
  6. GraemeC

    First AP set up advice

    Hi according to FLO the heq5 weighs about 10kg. Additional weight from the tripod and counterweights would be the same whatever eq head you are using. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-heq5-pro-synscan.html graeme
  7. GraemeC

    iOptron CEM60 Advanced - On it's way

    how did you get on?
  8. I would suggest that the lens & camera are supported by at least 2 supports, without that there is a risk the lens will sag during your exposures or it will be vulnerable to additional vibration. It doesn't take much to turn round stars into egg shaped ones! graeme
  9. GraemeC

    Mars & Jupiter nearing conjunction

    This morning it's quite spectacular, very close in the same field of view with 25x100 bins. I hadn't followed this up to now except I noticed something unusual there as I put the kettle on in my kitchen so I thought I'd get the binoculars out and have a look. It's a nice view from the top bedroom window. It would make a great photo. graeme
  10. GraemeC

    August 21 solar eclipse

    there is a whole forum dedicated just to this eclipse, covering everything from weather, logistics, equipment and lots of other things. You should be able to find good advice in there. have a look at: www. Cloudynights.com > specialty forums > north American total solar eclipse 2017. apparently the town we're going to has a population of 50,000 and they are expecting 52,000 visitors. Casper WY Graeme
  11. Hi,. We're staying in Wyoming for August and we'll be hoping for clear daytime skies on the 21st. I also want to try some astrophotography at the local dark sky sites like near casper, moab, and so on. Should I pack my dew heater? Do you get any dew forming at night in that part of the country? thanks graeme
  12. We will be staying in Wyoming, the weather forecast stats appeared to be good for that part of the country. We started planning 5 years ago & booked the accommodation in 2015. I'm also hoping to see some dark sky sites, we'll be over for nearly three weeks. Getting close now! graeme
  13. GraemeC

    New member of the Mesu 200 club

    Hi bill good choice of mount. How will you be acquiring scope rings for your 14" dob? I have an 14" xi Orion and I will be mounting it either on a Mesu or an EQ8. I thought the user friendly approach would be to have rings that allow the OTA to rotate, to bring the camera/ eyepiece to an accessible position. I'm not thinking bearings, just a set of rings so that the tube can be turned. graeme
  14. GraemeC

    Aug states Solar Eclipse

    There is a lot of interest in this eclipse, the press are expecting this to be the most photographed eclipse in history. We're going and combining it with a 3 week tour of the mid-west. If you are interested in it i think you might have left it a bit late - we started planning five years ago and booked the key hotel rooms two years ago. This is a big event - there are small towns in the eclipse path typical population 10,000 people and they are expecting 50,000 visitors. The communities are making special arrangements for water, sanitation, food,emergency services. there are eclipse based holiday packages on the Internet, we looked at them to get a comparison and they seem ok but the best ones appeared to sell out on the day the advertising was launched last year. good luck graeme
  15. GraemeC

    Show us your travel kit

    I have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Morocco, part of which was spent in the Atlas Mountains with my wide field setup. I have my cameras and the controller in hand luggage and the GPDX goes into the 20kg luggage for the hold. The suitcase weighs about 20kg including mount head, tripod legs, tools and portable counterweight. I do use some clothing as padding (protected, in a white rubble sack). I was interrogated a bit by one of the security guys at Marrakech on the flight back (they have an xray machine at the terminal entrance, for everything) but I showed him a picture of the whole setup and he was fine. I've never had any queries after checking in the bag & seeing it disappear towards the plane on the conveyor.

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