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  1. Great picture! Interesting how the trails appear to have a bright end and a faint end.you seem to have done a lot of processing and taken multiple shots.... Do you know how it would compare with 1 X 20minute exposure?
  2. I've just been looking at the EQ8-R. It looks interesting but I'm happy with the cem60 I bought last year. Now if I was building two observatories....
  3. You certainly have, well done! If you can repeat the same shot over a series of nights you will see the orbital movement as well. Astronomy can be quite dynamic sometimes!
  4. I would want to see a proven track record, maybe a blow by blow comparison with the competition.
  5. This is a really good build, well done!
  6. The most colour I have seen is the green hues of M42, with my 14" dob. After reading this thread I have a few more targets now, such as Albireo. Clear skies!
  7. The Heathrow flight path isn't far from me.
  8. The moon is only blocking out the sun for those people within a relatively narrow strip taken by the umbral shadow. For this eclipse the width of totality was around 120 miles. Further away from this the sun is shining and it is this light you can see. Looking at low angles through the atmosphere you are easily looking through into areas where the sun is still shining. You do get a good 360 degree twilight effect which marks the transition from fully illuminated atmosphere to the atmosphere that is under the shadow. I saw it in Wyoming in 2017 - spectacular.
  9. Movement in a short exposure image using a wide angle lens in unlikely to have anything to do with tracking. I'd suggest the mount or tripod or clamping was unstable. For example, the one and only time I used a ball socket clamp for a dslr seemed like a good idea until I realised the dslr was slowly drooping down. Now I use ring clamps so the camera body and the camera lens are supported independently. graeme
  10. Looks good! You might find a partial moon to be more interesting, with the increased contrast between craters and mountains. graeme
  11. I can recommend this mount, I've had mine since October last year and it's still a delight to use. Even better news just recently is that FLO are now stockists, which gives me much greater peace of mind. Graeme
  12. Well done FLO, I think you are taking on a very successful product range. I am very pleased with my CEM60EC. Graeme
  13. +1 for a red dot finder. I find them so easy to use, just a quick glimpse shows you exactly where the OTA is pointing. I don't need to have my eyes stuck on the end of the finder scope to align stars into the field of view. Graeme
  14. I pack a night box for all the accessories that you might need, and it keeps everything tidy for rapid loading and unloading. As well as your list, it includes spare batteries (the battery in the red dot finder is sure to run out just when I'm not prepared), dew heater strap, Velcro strips, camping hair dryer (just in case), spare USB cable, intervalometers and memory card.
  15. I remember being at Kielder Water for one of the dark sky camps.... some clouds came over later in the night and the only way to notice was that the stars were disappearing. otherwise, no discernable change.
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