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  1. That’s great Paz, thanks for the reply. It looks identical to mine .
  2. Hi, I bought a OVL dual speed crayford focuser for my Skywatcher ED100 , the problem is that the OVL crayford does not have the bracket for the standard skywatcher finderscope that the original focuser did. Sorry if this is a stupid question but Is there a way to mount this on my scope without having to drill into the tube? Thanks
  3. I have an orion 1.25" filter wheel which I managed to drop whilst cleaning this cause several springs and bearings to drop out onto the floor . This lead to multiple expletives being uttered. Does anyone have and pictures of or point me in the direction of any documents that show the wheel should be put back together. I made one attempt but although the wheel rotates smoothly it no longer clicks into position correctly . Thanks in advance.
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