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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I have tried to reflash the HC firmware too. I have even flashed older firmware version 4.13 still, it doesn't seem to work. Only two alignment that works are one star alignment and Solar system alignment.
  2. Thanks for the reply! The reason why I had to get a new MC board is because I tried to update MC firmware and it completely made my telescope a brick. I'm scared to do that again. But I have reflashed firmware in Hand Control though.
  3. Hi all, I have a Nexstar 4SE Alt-Azm Goto scope. I've been using it for quite few years. Recently, there was a problem with Motor control board and Celestron suggested me to replace it with a new one. After installing a new MC board, when I try to use any star alignment method, I always end up getting "Align Failed" error. Hand control is running on version 4.18 firmware and MC is on version 5.14. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Thanks for the help! I've tried CFM and found that it is for recent Nexstar remote. My remote is version 4, without the celestron logo.
  5. Hi, I'm using a nexstar 4SE computerized Alt-Azm scope. It's quite old one. I wanted to update the HC firmware to 4.21.It came with HC firmware 4.15 and MC firmware: 5.14. I downloaded and installed HC update software and updated the hand control to 4.21( I used NXS 4.21.bin). Before updating, hand control used to show Nexstar SE on boot, but now it shows Nexstar GPS. Everything worked fine though. Now I tried to update the MC firmware ( I chose 5.20), but during the programming an error poped up saying "An error occurred programming data at address 435" I tried again, this time I got different value and the progress would never cross 11%. I disconnected from PC, now there is a no response code of 16,17 when I try to slew the scope. And none of the motors spins. Please help! Now the telescope is completely not usable. I've tried to flash older version of firmwares for both MC and HC and nothing worked. When I check the version in Hand control, it shows the MC firmware version as 1.0. Please help guys!!
  6. I have loaded all my dark,light and bias to DSS. But I don't get preview of the actual light image.The preview looks like vertical dark panaroma. Also, it finds only 4 stars in it. Could you guys help me? I have attached the screenshot of my screen.
  7. Thanks for the reply,but they are not available in my country also they cost much more than my equipment that I have
  8. Annamalai

    Orion nebula

  9. Hi, I live in a semi-urban area.I need to do deep sky photography.I have Skywatcher ST-80 and Canon EOS 1100D. I tried googling and got to know that Orion SKYGLOW and UHC are good filters. Will they work for my scope or can you guys recommend me some other filters that could give a better result. I have uploaded a pic of orion nebula(processed) for your reference.
  10. Awesome capture!! I don't know that,will i be able to get these fantastic shots with my az3 mount and ST80 but I'll try my best.
  11. Okay,I'll go with Canon 1100D.Thank you all for your suggestions
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