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  1. you were right John. After using these two, I kept on switching these two eps only and dont have the will to touch the others. I found quality here.... I looked at Jupiter many times & thinking to get another higher power. thanks for your suggestion about ES ep, but I dont have the choice here... can only find TV. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  2. because I'm not using motorised scope to track the target, so for more power eps I may enjoy the view longer if I choose ethos. unless if my scope is automatic tracking then I would just choose delos/naggler.
  3. yes, no doubt. AMAZING is the right word to describe this. my first space walk sensation.
  4. I use 12" dob. recently, I bought 2 used tv eps which are naggler 22mm & 11mm. looking at jupiter with these eps amazed me so much. before, I can only see jupiter as a 2mm dot. now I see it as big as 6mm dot & the orange lines are clearly visible with those 4 moon. I guess I wont turning back... gonna sold my old eps & get the green. wew.... drown me further...
  5. Just filled my newly bought water resistant case today. My eps look nicer with case than without case. Lol. I'm so happy with this case.
  6. Finally I managed to buy my self 2 used tv eps (naggler 22mm & 11mm). Now my eps collection are: 5mm Orion stratus 68° 8mm Orion stratus 68° 10mm plossl 11mm Televue nagler type 6 82° 22mm Televue nagler type 4 82° 25mm plossl Filters: Narrowband Orion ultrablock filter Moon filter
  7. Finally I got my first 2 TV eps. Naggler 22mm & 11mm. Bought them in singapore. Used but in good condition. Will try it after new year... yeah... Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  8. What is lens pen for? Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks swag. Its been alot of help since I joined.
  10. Not yet finished typing. .. Moreover It's not easy to find the seller. I had to fly to jakarta to buy these UWAN, and don't have many choice of brands aswell. They only sell wo, orion stratus n vixen. Ofcourse the prices also more expensive than the online seller. 4mm, 7mm & 16mm UWAN cost $283 each. The beast cost $480. I should skip the beast for the moment. There might be more questions that come into mind, hope you guys won't be tired answering my silly question s. Jon.
  11. Thank you all for helping me alot since I started this thread. Because this will be my first purchase, I don't want to chose the wrong decision. Jon.
  12. Great shot. I've never seen the real galaxy with my own eyes... there will be the day. Jon.
  13. A group of high power? Don't you need any middle power (10-20mm)? Jon. ======================================= SW 12" dob f/4.9 - Plossl 25mm, 10mm 1.25".
  14. Yeah right. Got the point. Maybe I will easily satisfied by any fl of this UWAN cause I never look through any nagler. Thanks wilkey for the link. I filled in the value and it seems that the object will drift away in 53sec. Hmm... do you think it will be enough to enjoy? Jon. ======================================= SW 12" dob f/4.9 - Plossl 25mm, 10mm 1.25".
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