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  1. OMG! I bought my first TV EP today (only a 15mm plossl but you have to start somewhere right) and it's not made in china. Wow I thought everyrhing was made in china these days
  2. Yes I agree here's a pic I took earlier of a nice cumulus I'm thinking about setting up a cloud spotters lounge, maybe spend a vast amount of money on cloud spotting equipment and make it into a hobby or perhaps a business, I think if more people come on board with this the more chance we'll have of the clouds then deciding not to show ( shhh don't tell them its a ruse) .
  3. Blimey they are bins and a half, could you make a T bar for it ?
  4. looks like a self adhesive P clip or similar.
  5. Good job Enjoy did you get power supply sorted out?
  6. Ok right I'll try to keep this brief. I bought a 200p a few weeks back (which still has not had first light yet) . I used a MAK previously, the only collimating I had done was to help a neighbor collimate his eq130, he had bought a cheshire for the process and I couldn't help thinking it was a bit (lot) of a pain. So before I got the 200p I did nuff gooling to get some heads up on collimation of said scope, it saw lots of vids of people using lasers and thought wow that the tool for me, looks a doddle. So I bought an errm a next generation jobby with the 7 different brightness levels. So after setting up scope in garage and checking collimation with laser found it was out, so followed instructions and voila in 5 mins it was perfectly collimated or so I thought. Now 200p has been sitting in garage for days now and in this time I have been reading again through AB's and astronomyshed bloke's (sorry astronomyshed bloke I don't know your name) guide to collimation and eek both say don't use lasers as they themselves need collimating and they can give false results from the "slop" when sited in the focus tube. so doubt was now setting in, was scope in garage not collimated at all. So after reding AB's guide again I decided to buy a collimation cap, for 3 quid I thought what the hey, also I remebered neighbors Cheshire and called round to see if he still had it, which he did (scope sold tho ) so I borrowed it. Now today, I decided to have a real go at AB's guide again printed it off and followed it to the letter (almost) with cap and cheshire. On completion i thought i would compare all 3 devices for the end result and not one of them agree with the other, if I change one tool for the other there are slight variations of Collimatedness (lol). So my first question is if a laser can suffer from "slop" then surely a cheshire can, which would also lead to false end results, the cap I bought seems to "click" into tube nice and securely and probably not "slop" so which tool is the most reliable as now I'm all confusled? My second question is, would a centering adapter help like the one astronomyshed bloke uses or am I being over critical and OCD ish? I have Attached a photo of collimation If someone could have a quick peek at it and let me know if it looks right i would be grateful. sorry it was a bit long winded. Thanks.... Russ.....
  7. and here http://www.365astronomy.com/eyepiece-cap-for-125-eyepieces-36mm-inner-diameter-p-3191.html
  8. Try here http://www.365astronomy.com/eyepiece-cap-for-125-eyepieces-318mm-inner-diameter-p-3091.html?zenid=0d2eb5ebe1f13d210411c3dd2244f74f
  9. yes move abroad No seriously check this out for collimation help http://www.astro-baby.com/collimation/astro%20babys%20collimation%20guide.htm
  10. Err Think you may have edited wrong post Tony
  11. Nice job, is it just a voltmeter LCD or volt/ammeter?
  12. quote (if my wife asks, it was on sale!!!) quote LOL class I've used that one a few times myself. Enjoy ....
  13. Did you look at ABs pic of the offset "fast" newt collimated scope? Fast newts are slightly offset from central unlike the slower newts. This could be your problem.
  14. Hello and welcome from overcast yorkshire.
  15. Russty


    Hi vikki Welcome, hope you get the power supply sorted.
  16. Yep I am 99.9% sure that the part number above will suit your mount as it is basically the same as one of mine. 12v DC 1Amp tip pos. if you google it there are a few for sale on Ebay. Oe just do what a lot of other members do here myself included make you own with a 12v rechargeable battery or you coud by a power tank for it.
  17. oops sorry dont know what happened to that link here is part No EPA-101ME-12
  18. I use 1 similar to this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ADAPTER-EPA-101ME-05A-/270677531319 sometimes on my Synscan which i am sure uses same as yours.
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