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  1. Yes I thought about a set of TV plossls, I do own a 15mm TV plossl but I was trying to get something with a wider FOV .
  2. I am in the process of procuring some new EPs and have decided on either X-cels or Hyperions, ( I was mulling Celestron Ultima lxs over but I think I've decided against these). I will be mainly using these with my f5 200P but would also use them with my f11.8 MAK until I sell them both and upgrade, but that will be a fair way off. So are the Hyperions worth spending the extra £30 on (for a modular EP with an extra 10deg FOV) or am I best going for the celestrons and saving a few quid. Also would these EPs work ok with a 2x barlow? as then I would only need to get 3 to have 6 differing FLs or is it best to forget the barlow and use 1 EP for one FL. Cheers Peeps...................
  3. Hmm you say your wife doodled it??? I'de beware OBS might mean "other boots and shoes"
  4. I was given a new hat, scarf and flask, Astronomy was the only thing I could think to do with them. I may get the hang of it one day
  5. Just picked up my new RACI and been loaned a 25mm celestron x-cel lx and a celestron 13mm Ultima LX to try out as I'm looking into buying a new set. just need the blumming weather to pick up now so I can try them.
  6. Thanks guys, RACI it is and if I have probs, I may get a telrad later on.
  7. I think your choice of tree is where you went wrong there
  8. well Having absolutely no astro photography skills I cannot comment on your image on that score, however I personally think that is a brilliant image, stunning!!!
  9. Yes but you had pukka Heinz baked beans to even it out a bit.
  10. So water droplets flying about ISS and very expensive electronics do mix.
  11. Chin up Damien, weather has been rubbish here today. Hope your nose and other scars heal quick. Did you have your beer goggles on?
  12. has it got to be 3 tinned toms and HPBB tins? Or could I use say minestrone soup and red kidney bean tins?
  13. Have you tried the "I've had it years" ploy I also find the "it was in a sale" a good one too. Also mine tends not to notice my equipment (astronomy that is ) I originally had a little synscan goto mount which with my MAK she had seen jupiter through. I then upgraded it to an EQ5 (I kept quiet about the purchase) which with same scope she has just seen Saturn through in last few weeks and never noticed. Result!!!
  14. Oh no poor chap, Perhaps if FLO sent him the piece with a hammer he could make it fit his puzzle.
  15. If you ever find a £50 in a customer return package, I sent it
  16. Ok well having been out for a few nights now and observing mainly M51 and a few more things pretty much on the zenith I think I need to go to see a physiotherapist as I think my spine has twisted. The reason for this ( I am sure I am not the first or wont be the last) is I am using the Std 9 X 50 finder supplied with the 200P and well lets say I have contorted my body into positions my body doesn't want to be contorted in. Getting to and and using the finder while the scope in some positions can be a real pain "literally". Also I still find the up is down and left is right you get from non erected finders to be a tad confusing ( but I am getting better at it). A friend I go observing with has a right angled erecting finder scope. I have not looked through it yet so I not know if this would be a solution to my problem however I did think this is the way forward until I started looking for them on web sites this morning. I have been looking at the telrad finders and now am undecided, I don't know anyone who has a telrad so have no experience with them. So cutting to the chase can anyone help with my indecision. Would I be better off getting the finder or save a few quid and get the telrad to work along side my std finder I already have. One other question about the telrad, how do you attach them to the scope? Do they fit on the finder shoe or do you need to jury rig them on? If they have to be permanently mounted on scope ie "glued" I think this would definitely sway me towards the RA finder. Cheers, Russ..................
  17. oops just realised easier is a synonym of simpler oh well insert your own adjective.
  18. yes BIG DOB is the way forward. much simpler ,easier and quicker and there is always SW synscan dobs.
  19. If you already have the barlows I would just go for one without as the t-adapter will fit into your barlows.
  20. Sorry I'm not familiar with magnaloux I'm sure someone on here will be tho, however the fact that this is the second listing for the item might be a clue.
  21. well starting bid of 20 quid and BIN for 30 for sake of a tenner i'de By it now if I wanted them.
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