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  1. James just a question, did you take those 45 sec subs on your eq3 with the RA motor tracking?
  2. There's a spc900nc just come on the bay now a snip at £80
  3. Hmm cant see this stuff shifting today, but you never know.
  4. +1 for MO. I think stellarium do a droid app not sure about it for iphone tho.
  5. Do you use the focuser extension piece as well Damien?
  6. oops maths never was my strong point lol 84 posts to go. How many posts before you can edit your own posts?
  7. Damn I wouldn't mind coming tonight but I'm stuffed with cold
  8. Nice one damian I've ordered an 8mm Delos from GW last tuesday. I am in Cornwall at the moment but coming back tomorrow so hopefully will be picking it up monday
  9. Hola damian Good hols (apart from the little spill)?
  10. Lee from GW North said hes taking a load of TVs to the IAS (except for an 8mm Delos I ordered) so if your going you might pick up a bargain from him.
  11. mmmmmmmm Black Sheep, have you tried the Riggwelter?
  12. yes as if you use your slow mo knobs and not the motors if you havn't polar you will be forever tuning both knobs to keep the object in the FOV esp at high mags. if you are not bothered about constantly fiddling with your knobs then no you dont have to polar align, but it is a right pain which will start to get on your nerves after a while.
  13. Matt I have the eq5 with the dual motor drive although I have removed my dec axis motor as I find it gets in the way when I am polar aligning using the built in polar scope. I find If you polar align it correctly either using the asterisms in the polar scope ( I am assuming your eq5 has a built in polar scope) or a program like polar finder the RA motor tracks brilliantly and I have never needed the use of the dec axis motor. So yes good polar alignment is required but it doesn't need to be bang on for visual use.
  14. I think 2.5mm and 4mm might be pushing the limits of you scope a bit, if you take into account the highest practical power of the scope and the general seeing conditions we get. but hey I am no expert with a capital "no expert".
  15. After a long rethink and for future proofing I've decided to go for the black and greens, Going to sell some of my old guitars that are sat gathering dust and get a few Delos. Job done. Thank you all for your help.
  16. Thanks for the spanner in the works Rory now I,m back up to a choice of 3, Ive just scoped (pardon the pun) the BSTs out on Skies the Limit, and they do seem very good value for money considering what other are selling the re badged ones for. AArghhh I hate making decisions. Jonathan no I wish I could afford TVs or Pentax maybe when the mortgage is payed off or my numbers come up. NB I could afford the TV plossl range but again I was looking for a bit wider FOV now if someone were to say there aint much difference between 50 60 or 70 deg FOV then I might be back up to 4.
  17. Opps soryy for the above I was trying to multi quote to Rory and cocked it up. Rory , Yes a friend has a number of BSTs, thing is I cant source them from suppliers, they only seem to be on fleabay.
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