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  1. Aww a meet up in the pub and I'm miles away.
  2. my wife says I can watch it as long as it does not conflict with the x factor, Britain's got more x factor,the how itv can make more money by getting folk to call in show, the simon gets more acts to sign up without trying show, Coronation street, Emmerdale Farm, another bio about some member of the royal family, or anything else she wants to watch.
  3. I used mirror lock up and an air blower to clean mine.
  4. get the std one and save a tenner or use it to buy something else, would be my advice.
  5. yeah that's the next one i'm saving for hopefully be able to get it in the autumn. I got the 8 and the 14mm , and they are superb.
  6. What you got this time Damian? I must admit the 2 new Deloi I just bought have been a real eye opener. (if you pardon the pun).
  7. Glad you had a good night chaps. It was clear as a bell down hear in Cornwall so I got the Mak out and had a go with new Eps. The 8mm on saturn was fantastic I could see cassini division and banding on saturn very clearly. but wish I had brought my newt as even with dew shield on it was fogging up real bad so I gave up and just and did some constellation and milky way spotting. Gonna get a cheap 12 v hairdrier today and give it another bash tonight.
  8. No the dicount is how many folk have ordered one.
  9. what time was it useably (if thats a word) dark last night Damian?
  10. Sutton was Sammy I think Kieran has posted some pics of the milky way from the night we were at Sutton on his flickr page.
  11. and a 3 year warranty option for £69.99 Bargain!
  12. Blimey that's some kit. By the looks of It, it looks like he made it to double up as a rapier launcher too.
  13. I was thinking about a telrad a while back, but I can "usually" find targets ok with just RACI so was advised not to bother with getting one.
  14. Dunno about tonight Damian, I will be going down to Cornwall early tomorrow morning but if the weather is fine I might make it tonight I'll just have to see.
  15. Bad luck chaps it was worth a punt though. I was in 2 minds to come down as I,m itching to try my 2 new Eps.
  16. I replaced my Straight with the optical vision 9x50 RACI just recently. 100% improvement for me, I would recommend one, I can't comment on an illuminated type tho.
  17. Hi dunno if you've seen this thread. It might help http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/167857-dew-shield-solutions-for-dobsonians/
  18. Sorry not to hi jack the post but that's encouraging, I was chatting to a shopkeep about doing some dso work with my kit "EQ5 with dual motors" and he said using unguided with just the motors I would be lucky to get 30 second subs, just goes to show.
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