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  1. Thanks guys, yeah I probably will come down, I don't know where the academy is or where on campus/grounds I need to be so if someone could give me a few directions that would be good.
  2. Hey all long time no speak or stargaze. just to let you know end July, my partner Julie was diagnosed with a serious illness. long story short after many hospital visits, treatment and an op, she has been given a thumbs up. Needless to say I have been very pre occupied and busy with care etc.. anyhoo just wanted to catch up see what was going on with the club, get out and observe and just generally catch up. whats the gig with Lee??? might be nice to attend that.
  3. Hi chaps Just catching up on the thread, Blimey what a load of posts. I might join anyone who may be going to Sutton on sat but the forecast isn't up to much. Crash can't wait to have a peek through your bridge and Kieran nice Veil shot and really now stop buying new scopes . Hope everyone's doing doing good.
  4. M103 is a nice shot Kieran which one of your scopes were you using?
  5. Living on top of a hill at Grange Moor has some benefits then ( apart from when it's windy). Hope all your gear is Ok Kieran, Oh and VN shots from the 27th.
  6. I would suggest contacting the supplier and try to get a replacement scope or focuser (if it's a removable one), sounds like a weak focus mechanism.
  7. +1 for Skywatcher 127 mak I like mine a lot, I keep thinking about selling it now I have a 200P but I cant bring myself round to doing it. It does have limitations though which I'm sure you will have read about, but a great scope for the price. Beware of getting it on the skywatcher goto mount as I did, it is far too wobbly in even the lightest breeze and when focusing. I upgraded to an EQ5 mount and when I use it now on the EQ5 it is rock solid. If you do get one I would recommend a dew shield as your very first accessory.
  8. I have the EQ5 with the dual axis motors. the motors are very good but with hindsight I would have just bought the single axis RA drive, because as long as you have good polar alignment the dec motor is never really used, and in fact the motor gets in the way when polar aligning, so I took mine off and now just use the RA motor and tweak the dec axis by hand if needed. I would personally not get the goto upgrade for the mount if you were wanting this feature I would go for a HEQ5 Pro or maybe look for a second hand one. Also I bought the revalation plossl kit, it's good for the money (the 32mm being very useful) but again with hindsight just as emadmoussa says I found I was only using a few of them, and have sold on most of them as I've upgraded my EP collection. I would if starting out again buy individual plossls with FL's I know I would use.
  9. Hi guys just got back home this weekend, was supposed to be back last weekend but with the weather being so good decided to stay on, so apologies for missing the meet on Monday, I've noticed a few emails from Paul but not had chance to read yet, will get round to it later on today. looking forward to some darker nights as I've just picked up the newest member of my EP collection. Hope everyone is Ok (apart from some sore muscles by the sounds of it) see you all soon.....
  10. Hi chaps I will be back in Yorkshire this weekend so I should be able to make the meet on Monday. Hope you are all doing ok,and crash nice work on obtaining your 16 inch monster ooh err
  11. What was the ATC chatter for in the video clip?
  12. Yep hes really sitting on the fence on that very amusing review. It does look an ugly lump though.
  13. Just make sure it isn't raining when you go.
  14. Nope not your fault this time, it's Glastonbury week/weekend. I will be at the in laws in Helston this next week so I'm pretty sure the south west and most of the UK will be feffed weather wise.
  15. Well surely if you are in the market for an Ethos or Nagler your going to pretty well know how much they cost in the first place. I cant see any one buying one without first doing some research, so I would assume nil stock even though it shows they do have stock available.
  16. Grr I thought my first post hadn't so i re typed it and then posted and now both are there... sorry.
  17. In that case the society would need a medic on the board or a "whasup doc"
  18. In that case the society would definitely need a medic or a "whasup doc".
  19. +1 for rubbish windows 8, I hates it, my wife's got it on her new laptop and it drives me insane when I try to use it. Mind my pc still runs XP
  20. Glad you had a good meet, sorry I couldn't make it as am still away, Soupy I will PM you my email address.
  21. Looks like I will be back home tomorrow now so I might be able to make the meet after all.
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