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  1. Think I will buy the Dob, learn the skies first. Buy a few decent eye pieces and go from there. I know it will make the wife happy. Thanks again, I have been trying to decide for about 3 weeks now. ( think I am addicted to gadgets - thats my problem). Luckily First light optics is just a mile away. Order one tomorrow me thinks Cheers Sam
  2. Thanks for the quick replies...... The Dob 200p is very tempting(such great price), I am very much into photography already, I have a couple nice cameras, is there a setup out there which is a good all rounder. It is just that I know I will be hooked, so I want to cover as many avenues as possible. I am currently studying for a science degree, and my next module is basically "SPACE". I have two young children, work full time and studying......so time is limited......the cpc800 is just an 8" scope, but set up time seems to be a lot less. Thanks again Sam
  3. Hello all, Looking to buy my first telescope, but finding it hard to decide which one to buy. First looked at the Celestron Nexstar 127, after that I looked at the Dobsonian 200p, now I am looking at the cpc 800(which cost a lot of money). I am a little concerned if I buy a cheaper scope, that I would want to upgrade pretty quickly. I have a lot of work to do to convince the wife to buy the cpc800.........but the question is- Is the Celestron cpc800 really worth spending all that money on? I don't get a lot of spare time at the moment, so the idea of a quick setup really appeals to me. Any hel
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