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  1. He was an inspiration, sad that he leaves us, but what a legacy!
  2. I enjoyed the show. Definitely more on the entertainment side than serious observing but I think it will get quite a few people looking up at the sky over the next few nights, which might just spark a lifelong interest. Good stuff!
  3. Some good advice, many thanks to all! James
  4. Hi Everyone, I've been into Astronomy for a long time (since I was about 8) and I've owned a few telescopes over the years, the largest of which was a 5" Celestron SCT (which was a great telescope). Since I've had more time to get back into the hobby lately, I decided to splash out and buy myself a "big" telescope, the kind that I've always wanted to have -- so I now own a Celestron CPC 800 . I've been absolutely delighted with the scope so far and I'm really looking forward to the long dark nights! But! I want to ask for some advice from owners of similar sized telescopes how they take c
  5. Well, I for one hope that it'll land somewhere smack in the middle of the planet! Hopefully as time goes on the boffins will be able to refine the orbit and tell us whether we're going to get some fireworks in plenty time to prepare! Do we have a smiley icon for an incoming asteroid? J.
  6. My most memorable moment was when I saw Hale Bopp for the first time in a really dark place. Beautiful view that has stayed with me ever since. Cheers, J.
  7. JWO

    Hello from Angus!

    Hi all, I've been lurking here for quite a while now and always enjoyed reading the posts. I think it's only polite for me to introduce myself! I'm James and I've had an interest in Astronomy since I can remember, I've lapsed a bit on the observing side over the last few years, but I aim to put an end to that! I've just recently upgraded my old childhood 60mm refractor for a Celestron 5SE, I can't wait for a string of clear nights to really try it out, rather than constantly trying to out-wit the clouds! Cheers! J.
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