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  1. The mount is in my bedroom as i don't have access to a work bench or a warm place . I'm just having trouble with putting the declination back in to place. stupid question maybe but the bearing doesn't have a particular position (i.e there is no up or down on it) i can just put it in any way i want? ... again stupid question
  2. Thanks i'll give it a try later after work and see what i can do.
  3. Hello all I've recently had the issue of a washer vanishing inside my mount as me and my brother tried to upgrade the mount to a go -to i've taken the top half apart (declination) and i'm in the middle of waiting for a part so i can take the bottom half apart (RA axis) as i lack tools. Whilst being unable to find the washer i assume it's in the RA axis and decided to put back the parts i took apart. Now comes the issue I can only get the Declination down so far before it stops and i am unable to lower it any further. So i think i've messed up badly and i am wondering if there is any shops that can do repairs as i don't believe i can fix it. I'm quite happy to pay but if possible i'd like to know if im doing anything wrong. ps i'm heading to bed as i feel defeated and tired and i've got a long day of work Let me know if you need more angles of the mount to decide. Thanks for any advice. Ronnie
  4. funny enough thats the website i've been using. yeah as i looked into where the motors were i tooke them out and i couldn't find the washer. so it's somewhere inside the RA axis. Thanks for the tip
  5. I will give it a check thanks, im not sure of the name it was smaller than the washer but had like a broken bit on it kinda like a spiral.and the washer ended up down the RA axis i could see the silver particles where it had grinded with the gear. I
  6. So it is what i said, the damn washer that is inside the mount somewhere ;( I took the motors out gave it a quick test on alignment and it slewed perfectly fine. So i just need to some how found this tiny washer thats causing the issue.
  7. Ah well i have to take it apart tomorrow getting tired now been a long day. Thanks everyone for your help will have to bash my brother over the head night all Thanks steppenwolf for the info i'll be sure to do that.
  8. Found out my brother who was helping me dropped a washer inside and lost it, and now when i just tried to slew i can hear a grinding noise within the mount. I take it this is the issue as to when the mout auto slews and stops dead? ahh am i able to take the mount apart completly to resolve this issue? however im not quite educated enough to feel comfortable trying but hey ho worth a try if its the only way.
  9. http://deepspaceplace.com/images/eq6.jpg this is basicly my mount just incase you are thinking it's something else.
  10. Okay updating seems like hassle so i'll give that a try tomorrow. I'll quickly run outside and try to test the mount without the telescope on it, I see that you can look at the voltage being supplied to the mount. Also Ronin I tested that out i tried to slew as up and left and vice versa and it worked fine.
  11. I did not update as i thought i didn't need to because i only got it thursday i'm sure FLO says it comes with the latest firmware, i'll give it a try thought. Thanks.
  12. So any links on what i should replace my supply with I did get a power supply with my go to upgrade but it needs to be plugged into a power bank which i don't own, so would it be ideal to just spring for a powerbank? again thanks for the help.
  13. That's the thing though when im slewing i don't notice an issue with the speed or anything it all sounds fine, but once i try to start the alignment progress i slews for a second then i hear a clonk and the power stops working ( the red light is still on) i'm just unable to slew, I also know it stops working because the high pitch noise coming from it stops. <--- not sure if that is an issue
  14. I've added the images of my plug and extension cable, First time doing it so hopefully i done it right
  15. Rowland


  16. Rowland


    From the album: Stuff

  17. Rowland


    From the album: Stuff

  18. Thanks for the quick replies. The plug im using has these details ------ output 12v 1.2 amp and no there are no flashing lights, i can slew just fine without any power issues it's only when i try to align, however i am using a long extension over 10m plug into another extension cable. if it is power then i'll take away that 2nd extension cable and bring my mount closer. So to sum it up i have the power feeding from my house plugged into an extension cable when is feeding power to another extension cable and when im using the mount to slew i have no issues it's only when i try to align the mount. Thanks Ronnie
  19. Hello all I recently bought an upgrade kit for my eq6 mount and it arrived thursday put it all together nicely, excited to give it a try but the damn clouds rolled in so i waited paitently and was rewarded with tonights clear skies. I give it a quick test slewing around the sky all worked fine. I then tried the 1 star alignment and whilst going through the set up it starts to slew towards the star and then suddenly stops and the motors within the mount stop and i am unable to slew anymore. I'd also like to say this is my first go-to mount so i'm not familier with the steps but im pretty sure the mount shouldn't stop responding. When i turn off the mount and back on again i gain all power again i try to align and nothing the motors move then shut down. I'm not sure if its power related as i'm using an extension cable and a plug with the right size adapter to power the mount. Thanks for any help. Ronnie Ps not sure if this is the right area for posting. If pictures are needed i'll be glad to supply images.
  20. Rowland

    Orion Nebula 42

    Not sure how to edit image text so, Used a Nikon d5100 attatched to my telescope.
  21. Rowland

    Orion Nebula 42

    From the album: DSO

    Used around 200 images - 800 iso - 4 Second exposure - Manual guiding. Using my 250xp skywatcher EQ6 mount

    © Ronnie Rowland

  22. Rowland


    First attempts of dso's, other than orion.
  23. Thank you all for the quick replies sorry i was outside enjoying the clear skies As stated by steppenwolf it is in fact the older model and is not syntrek, i need to upgrade the mount, thanks. The link of the upgrade was me asking if it was the right one to be buying, again thank you all for the replies. Thanks Ronnie
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