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  1. satlan

    M42 @ 6"

    This one has been additionally processed with GradientXTerminator
  2. satlan

    M42 @ 6"

    Well done I have got only 70s subs at ISO 1600. Next time I'll try some combinations with different exposures and ISO. Thanks
  3. satlan

    M42 @ 6"

    You're right, I will work on it shortly.
  4. Hello All, It was probably one of the last good moments to capture M42 - Orion Nebula. Taken with Sky-Watcher 6" Newtonian scope (150/1200 f8) mounted on EQ6. Detector was Canon 700D with UHC-S2" filter. 21 subs x 70s, 25xdarks, biases and flats. No guiding as PHD calibration failed in all attempts and I didn't want to waste anymore precious moments when this mighty nebula was high enough for capturing. Processed in DeepSkyStacker and Photoshop.
  5. Awesome setup Xplode, where about in Norway is your dome?
  6. satlan


    How about this one?
  7. Thanks Richard, I did some small enhancement on the stars, I think this image looks better than previous one.
  8. GothAstronomer did you by any chance hacked into the Hubble Telescope excellent image !
  9. Some corrections of stars colour and some other improvements.
  10. Hi All, This is my yesterday's M42 Mount: EQ3-2 GoTo Synscan Detector: Canon 700D unmodded Lens: Sigma APO 70-300 f5,6 Filter: UHC-S 2" Material: 25x110s, 10xdark, 10xbias, 10xflat Final TIFF is a crop of wide field image Enjoy
  11. This is the best Jupiter captured with SPC900 I ever seen. Very good job
  12. After a minor processing I was able to achieve this result. I would love someone to get more out of it
  13. A new supernova nicely seen nice stuff, thank you.
  14. Hi Jake, thank you for a link to your gallery, the size of pictures is absolutely fine and show all the necessary details. Now I have more clue how to place cold finger around the chip. If you ever wanted to get rid of your modified Firefly, please let me know Best Regards Igor
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