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  1. Right, clear sky forecast from 00.00 - 05.00. Saturn rising at 00.15. I'm going to attempt my first view and maybe an image. It will be cold but worth it

    1. gazza63


      Best of luck. I've seen it the past 2 nights now. Hope u get to see it.... WOW! factor.

    2. todd8137


      I was thinking about doing this or setting up and setting the alarm and getting up around 01:30

  2. Clouds again last night. ....Itching to get out with the scope.

  3. Looking forward to receiving OU S177 Books and...the next clear night sky

    1. Stargazer33


      Good luck with the course. I did this one last year. There is a reasonable amount of math in it so make use of the math refresher utility. Good luck with the weather too!!

    2. Nell


      Hmm it doesn't state that in the course blurb! I better get refreshing my maths asap!

  4. Yes a research degree is something I've always liked the idea of too.
  5. Hi Vicki, exciting! I thought about doing that course too, but I decided on something a little lighter. I have three children too and work so it might have been a bit much! Be great to hear how you get on, I'm thinking my OU studies will lead me towards the Natural Sciences path eventually.
  6. Hi From down in Somerset I'm a life-long star lover.. but very much new to gazing with a telescope! I have managed to acquire a skywatcher (D=114 F=500) from Ebay and with a bit of help getting started I've been able to view Jupiter and its moons and M42 among other things. I took some images of the moon using my Sony SLR just aiming it through the lens. (I have no idea which lens I used!..still getting used to all that!) Anyway I am totally hooked and eager to learn and share the thrill of the skies. I will upload my moon images, one of them had a black dot in the middle which was an alignment issue with the scope. A friend looked at the scope and twigged things but I've yet to try again since just yet. Also about to undertake the OU course S177 Galaxies, stars and planets. Would be great to hear from anyone who is also doing/has done the same
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