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  1. Thanks, anyone any experience of the mini tower pro?
  2. Any advice on an Az mount for a C925 for visual for planetary and lunar - at present looking between a SkyTee 2 and possibly an i optron mini tower pro. However I read of some problems with jammed clutches on the mini tower and a few other issues. Has anyone any advice please Paul
  3. Does anyone have any experience of these mounts or any thoughts at to what would be the best Altaz mount for a C925 (not for imaging)
  4. I'm looking at this for mounting a C9.25 so that I can leave it all set up outside in a storage shed so that it can be quickly carried out. Is anyone using a similar set up and what are the pros and cons for this? Paul
  5. how would it compare with a Sky Tee 2 mount for a C925? Paul
  6. I can't quite visualise your trolley with 3 plates, when you say wind the legs down - how do you mean - also with removing the wheels from the floor. Have you got a picture, that would help. Like the dog as well.
  7. thanks for all the advice.
  8. Thanks for the info everyone, I'll look at the mounts you've suggested. Knobby my interest is visual, mainly planetary.
  9. What would be the best mount to get for a hand driven Altaz mount for a C925 for casual observing. I'm wanting to see whether it's better to trade down to a C6 or C8 for casual observing or stay with a C925 and perhaps sell or trade in my AZEQ which is so heavy and seems so complicated that I haven't used it. So if I can get a lightweight second hand Altaz then I could try the C925 out to see what sort of viewing it gives and keep the unused AZEQ in its original packing to sell or trade. It seems that I bought the wrong equipment for casual use and I either have go for some sort of outside
  10. I saw a reference to digital setting circles and how it made it very easy to go straight to a DSO. What are these, how do they work and are they a good idea for a beginner, rather than a Go To function? Paul
  11. It all sounds very complicated. Once you've got all these details sorted does erecting it become quite easy, or is it difficult each time? Paul
  12. I've been looking at a dolly as well but can't find anything with retractable wheels. Have you come across anything? Perhaps another way would be to have it on a pallet with board on the top so you could lift it out if you can get a cheap hand forklift . Paul
  13. I've got an AZEQ6 which I haven't used because of the weight, but after input from some of you am now looking at having a storage shed with the gear set up in it so I can bring it out easily in situ. I've read in a few places that the AZEQ6 can be tricky to set up. Does anyone have any tips or comments (other than read the book of words)? Paul
  14. Your idea of having the scope on a dolly sounds interesting. I'm looking at a similar possibility and have been looking at dollies on line - haven't seen anything with retractable wheels. Have you found anything for that yet? Best of luck, Paul
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