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  1. ahhhhh thanks for clearing that up!
  2. I just went out to do some lunar imaging and came across this nebula looking thing but I can't be certain, it was very strange an seemed to be changing colour alot. It was at about 5 degree elevation and ESE. At first I thought I had some moisture on my mirror or EP but when I moved my telescope the thing stayed in position. I ran upstairs to get my camera to try and image it but a massive cloud had rolled over by then. Can't find any indication what it was on Stellarium and I usually can't see DSO's from my garden Any ideas anyone? I'm really curious! Thanks, Chris
  3. always shoot in RAW aswell, you can change a drowned out photo to a half decent one with a few sliders!
  4. http://www.universetoday.com/101378/nasa-explains-their-new-asteroid-retrieval-mission/ yup I heard about it too!
  5. haven't named it yet It's done on my Macbook, literally just in CS5 The texture for the land is just a photo of some rusty paintwork! and the clouds are done in photoshop itself
  6. been doing some digital art recently here's one of my planets I've done some spiral galaxies as well, but they aren't so good atm.
  7. right okay I will give that a go, thanks!
  8. Taken through my 130P with a homemade filter and my Sony A330.
  9. outside now just my scope aligned and along comes a massive cloud
  10. Looking up but seriously, I spent a night under the stars in Switzerland and it was crazy how much I could see, damn English skies.
  11. Sorry this is probably in the wrong area, please move mods
  12. I'm able to fix my DSLR to my SUPATrak Auto mount that came with my 130P. So my question is if I aligned my mount with Polaris could I set my mount to cancel out the star trails so I could get some longer exposures? I still haven't quite worked out how to use the tracking functions yet but was wondering if it would be possible. Cheers, Chris
  13. The Skywatcher 130P with SUPATrak mount, I haven't worked out how to set it automatically yet but the buttons are very sensitive so a gentle touch every now and then and I'm able to keep Saturn in view
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