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  1. Good morning:) I definitely will go in with posting, to the point where no human ever has been;) Or something close^^ @swamp thing: Thanks:) I really love the scope, it provides me with stunning views:) I'm sure this scope will stay with me for a long time:) CS and best wishes Matze
  2. Good evening everybody:) As promised I will go on with the review. Tuesday I put the scope out because the weather guy said its twinkling star time that evening. At 7 I went out to search for Panstarrs with my binos... no luck at its position lots of clouds... Not a promising start but I thought lets see. So I carried my Dob to our meadow and started collimating the mirror and the Telrad. After 10 minutes a finished this not so hard work and discovered the first stars. So I started With my 30mm Explore Scientific EP I turned the Dob towards Jupiter. I got it the first try... What a picture crisp and clear without any detectable coma issues or the smallest sign if astigmatism. So I put in my 9mm Plössl and wow! 5 bands a moon passing by, 2 red spots and nice pastel colors. I felt like something special happened to me this moment. After watching the big guy for half an hour I pointed the scope towards M42 . The 30mm showed a lot of structure and already 5 of the 6 stars inside the trapezium. When I used my 13mm Plössel I could detect a very fine shape close to the eastern rim, one of the dark parts of the nebula. It was amazing, better than everything I was expecting:) After that I went to my favorite object. The Plejades. With the 30mm and 82* it was like diving into this wonderful cluster. I could count hundreds of stars and the picture was pin needle sharp till the corners. The last thing I tried was the flaming star nebula, not as easy as the rest but the scope showed all the center stars and a slight greyish faint in which after a while I could detect the form of the nebula I'm more than happy with this awesome scope and after that evening I named it Jean-Luc as an omage to the great journey to the stars in which my Dob will be my Enterprise:) I can recommend this scope to everybody without hasitating! It's a true piece if craftsmanship and has a very good mirror. Some very experienced astronomers out of my astronomy group with more than 20 years experience had a look through it and told me that it is a really well made telescope:) I'm looking forward to many years of exciting and beautiful nights. If you have any question please ask, I will do my best to answer them:) I know that all sounds very enthusiastic, but I hope I was able to share my experiences with you. CS and best wishes Matze
  3. Good morning:) Thanks for the map material Nick! I've been searching for some good material quite a bit. Those maps look perfect, 'cause they show me the stars I actually can see:) CS and best wishes Matze
  4. Hi Scott:) thanks for your help! I will try that tomorrow:) Tuesday the weather forecast says it will be clear. So maybe I can put my baby out to gather some star light:) Do I have to repeat the Telrad adjustment anytime? Or do you do it just once? Thanks a lot:) CS and best wishes Matze
  5. Hi guys thanks for the welcome:) @Jon: Dankeschön! CS and best wishes Matze
  6. Hi Thanks! @Chris: I hope so:) So far I'm really satisfied with the scopes quality! Hopefully this will proof right when pointing it towards the sky. @auspom: This is one thing I do not really understand, do I have to target something and then turn the Telrad screws? Thanks for the compliment:) @estwing: The Dob-mob? That sounds like a fun thing:) Dob-mob rocks! CS and best wishes Matze
  7. Good morning everybody, as promised I will write somethink about my new scope the ICS Galaxy 10" Dobson. Thus it is my first scope, I can´t say anything about mirror parameters such as Strehl, etc. So the first part will discribe the unboxing and assembling of the scope. Yesterday while sitting in the ambulance driving from one hospital to the other I got a message on my phone which said, "there are some big boxes for you at home". Long story short, in the evening when I got home, I was shocked about the actual size of the boxes. But very quick I recovered and took the boxes to my room. First impression "large boxes, but not as heavy as I thought". First I opened the box the rockerbox was inside. When I got all the parts out of the box I spread them at the ground before me and checked them for any transportation damage. They were fine. The wood is very well varnished and cut really precisely. I wasn´t even able to detect one little scratch or missfitting =) Good work ICS! The RB is really sturdy and moves smoothly as can be. The friction system works just fine is fine ajustable, so you can set the scope in your favourite setting. The scope body: Well it´s large and cherry red. Okay that sounds not much but there a couple of other things to see. First the mirror is perfectly secured and holded by 3 main and 3 secondary screws. The allow easy collimation which I tested yesterday evening with the included collimation EP. Luckily not as hard to do as I thought =) After ten minutes following the instructions out of the manual the mirror was adjustet just right =) The secondary is adjustable via 3 little screws on the top of the scope. I didn´t do that because it wasn´t necessary, but it looks quite simple. Included is a 1/10 micro focusser which works really smooth and precise. No plastic, just metal and carbon fibre. That´s something I really like =) So all in all assembling the scope including collimation took me 30 minutes and was very well described. Everything is very well made and the used parts are of high quality. The scope is a f5 with the parameters 250/1250mm and the mirror is made of BK7 (I guess thats normal glas?) Intercon Spacetek sells this scope for 654€. I ordered also a Teflon set for better traction and smoother movements, which was 29€. For this scope they excludet the normal red dot finder and installed a Telrad for me. I don´t know if linking the scope ist okay (didn´t find anything in the forum rules) So if not please let me know and I delete it =) https://www.fernrohrmarkt.de/product_info.php?info=p4350_Galaxy-D10-K-MCF-10---f-5-Dobson-Teleskop.html&XTCsid=de42acb3ea51b39d0e0ad73901a7480f They send the scope including 3 EPs a 30mm, a 15mm and a 9mm Plössl. The look quite good but I wouldn´t expect to much of them. For the beginning I´m sure they will be totaly fine =) No good weather so I can´t tell you about performance under the stars so far, but I will do as soon as the weather clears up =) I hope that was somehow useful and you excuse mistakes, you find in the text =) My English will be better I promise =) CS and best wishes Matze
  8. Thanks for the info MadAlbert:) CS and best wishes! Matze
  9. Hi Pete:) Thanks for the welcome! Today my scope arrived:):) I assembled it and it looks beautiful! Tomorrow more now I'm really tired from my 24h duty^^ Happy and excited greetings Matze
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