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  1. Good morning:) I definitely will go in with posting, to the point where no human ever has been;) Or something close^^ @swamp thing: Thanks:) I really love the scope, it provides me with stunning views:) I'm sure this scope will stay with me for a long time:) CS and best wishes Matze
  2. Good evening everybody:) As promised I will go on with the review. Tuesday I put the scope out because the weather guy said its twinkling star time that evening. At 7 I went out to search for Panstarrs with my binos... no luck at its position lots of clouds... Not a promising start but I thought lets see. So I carried my Dob to our meadow and started collimating the mirror and the Telrad. After 10 minutes a finished this not so hard work and discovered the first stars. So I started With my 30mm Explore Scientific EP I turned the Dob towards Jupiter. I got it the first try... What a picture cr
  3. Good morning:) Thanks for the map material Nick! I've been searching for some good material quite a bit. Those maps look perfect, 'cause they show me the stars I actually can see:) CS and best wishes Matze
  4. Hi Scott:) thanks for your help! I will try that tomorrow:) Tuesday the weather forecast says it will be clear. So maybe I can put my baby out to gather some star light:) Do I have to repeat the Telrad adjustment anytime? Or do you do it just once? Thanks a lot:) CS and best wishes Matze
  5. Hi guys thanks for the welcome:) @Jon: Dankeschön! CS and best wishes Matze
  6. Hi Thanks! @Chris: I hope so:) So far I'm really satisfied with the scopes quality! Hopefully this will proof right when pointing it towards the sky. @auspom: This is one thing I do not really understand, do I have to target something and then turn the Telrad screws? Thanks for the compliment:) @estwing: The Dob-mob? That sounds like a fun thing:) Dob-mob rocks! CS and best wishes Matze
  7. Good morning everybody, as promised I will write somethink about my new scope the ICS Galaxy 10" Dobson. Thus it is my first scope, I can´t say anything about mirror parameters such as Strehl, etc. So the first part will discribe the unboxing and assembling of the scope. Yesterday while sitting in the ambulance driving from one hospital to the other I got a message on my phone which said, "there are some big boxes for you at home". Long story short, in the evening when I got home, I was shocked about the actual size of the boxes. But very quick I recovered and took the boxes to my room. First
  8. Thanks for the info MadAlbert:) CS and best wishes! Matze
  9. Hi Pete:) Thanks for the welcome! Today my scope arrived:):) I assembled it and it looks beautiful! Tomorrow more now I'm really tired from my 24h duty^^ Happy and excited greetings Matze
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