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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I have 130p and would like to do the mod above. I have an old wooden tripod that will take the weight and has a flat top surface with hole in centre. But I'm still unsure or how above scope has been attached. The hole in my tripod is bigger than the bolt, so guess I need some large washers. But how do you stop the triangle put of the dob from turning, when you use the dob, is there another piece of wooden between dob base and tripod, that the original feet sit on. Thanks
  2. I saw the iss lastnight. That really is a hard little sucker to keep up with , using a 5mm eyepeice and dob.
  3. Forgot to add the tal x 2 looks very good , does anyone know of any stock anywhere tho? Thanks
  4. Great. Should be here today. I keep looking out the window for a van. Hopefully the sky will clear a bit tonight. But I doubt it, what with it being a new scope. Thanks everyone for the info. can anyone recommend a cheaper option for a barlow. As the celestron is quite expensive, want good bang for buck , To go with what will proberly be bst eye peices.
  5. Yeah I looked at the st120, but I like the fact that with the heritage I can just plonk it down anywhere. And what with 3 kids and a wife wanting to view through it, I won't need to keep adjusting the height. I can just stick it on the floor for the kids. Plus it was more pounds.
  6. Hi all. i have finally gone for a skywatcher 200 dob and a heritage 130 dob. The 200 is for back garden viewing and for taking to dark sites when family is not with me. And the 130 is for our trips to France etc when car is full with Wife and 3 kids. I think I've made the right choices. now, while i have some spare cash, I'm also going to order a Rigel quickfinder for the 200, and I now want some extra eyepieces and a barlow. I'm thinking of a bst explorer in 8mm, 18mm, and 32mm, plus a celestron ultima barlow and also a variable filter. Do these sound ok for use over both scopes, and will give me a good range with the barlow and the 25mm that comes with the scopes. The 10mm I heard is the poor one. hope you can advise, and suggestions alway welcome. thanks jeffro
  7. A Mazda bongo can be got quite cheap, and can be a nice home for the weekend. Can be kitted out with flat pack cupboard, sinks , cookers etc. the choice is yours. Or if you got 25k to spare, then I nice split screen vw camper would do the job nicely
  8. 7 to 10 day wait from payment to delivery they told me. Just enough time to order some extras.
  9. The orion 8xti would be a good push to scope.
  10. These look good, if it can work with your scope http://www.green-witch.com/acatalog/Cases_and_Bags.html#agw_2dscopecoat
  11. Would this make a good travel scope. I'm going to France in the summer in the car with mrs and 3 kids. Think it will squeeze in. as my 200 dob will not.
  12. There are a few laybys on the a33 itself, heading towards reading. With clear views across to the west, and not much traffic flying up and down it after 8pm.
  13. I went for a drive around grazeley, risley, stratified Mortimer, yew tree lane off A33 etc lastnight. Blimey its dark round there. The stars were out between the clouds. Need to do a day time trip now really, just to find somewhere safe to pull up.
  14. Maybe ill Just have to stay in and watch wonders of our solar system again. Nothing on tele. dam clouds.
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