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  1. Hi all

    I purchased a Mesu mrk2 last year but barely used it. When it has been operating it has been experiencing  random RA drifts. 

    when that happens then it’s pretty much KO for the night unless you restart it all up. 

    at times the mount acts perfectly and guides under 0.70 RMS   

    The drift usually occurs around the eAST part of the sky  WEST ( eg M82 around 2200 hours, to give you a idea where I am pointing if In the Northenhemp)  the sitech software reports it is “Tracking” no error shown in voyager  software  

     I am using a 14 inch ODK with the usual setup of camera and guide scope  

    all the software is up to date  

    the mount is well balanced and good cable management 

    I usually point the scope EAST - unpark the mount and do a blind solve then “offset init”  ( making sure EAST is ticked ) then press SYNC on voyager  

    I use camera LOOP phd2 which shows drift in RA, The camera shows the same RA error  when used independently 

    I’ve sent a few emails back and forth to Lucas but is still trying to problem solve  

    Has anyone experienced something similar before 

    your suggestions would be great 














  2. 1 hour ago, SamAndrew said:

    Counter weights have been the hold up! bought the mount just before we went into lock down, but have been waiting on the counter weights; Bernard was able to get hold of one last week which should be enough to use with my Quattro8s to start with while we wait for Geoptik to deliver 2 more.

    Decent yeah he came to pick that one up from me. I only needed four in the end 

  3. Hi

    from experience when collimating my  GSO 14 inch RC (Truss) design 

    I’ve used the 

    Tak collimator  / Howie collimator (green) and the new R.E.E.E.G.O collimator All providing slightly different results... question is which one do you follow!!!  

    one reason was the focuser end, I have three grub screws with a copper compression ring, 

    Good way to test the howie is, insert the laser into the focuser, slightly tighten making sure it’s plush then rotate the howie, whilst observing the laser dot, if the laser dot moves lot ( up down etc ) then it’s not collimated Correctly 

    best advice is to look at a real star at night and work from that.

    tools will only give you rough error 






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  4. THat is true but when I take my flats I use a EL panel. You can dim the brightness. I aim for around 23000adu and dim it enough so the exposure times are over 2 seconds 


    my lumance is 1.6 seconds and you can see the shutter in the bottom right corner but that doesn't effect the overall image as you can see in the double cluster ;) 


    as for planetary work I personally wouldn't use it but go for something like those celestron Skyris

  5. Just now, souls33k3r said:


    How are you finding the QHY9s? any issues? i've been seriously thinking about this CCD but was wondering how you're finding it :)

    Do it do it! I have no problems with it what so ever. Last night the obs was showing 24c, had the ccd cooled to -20 in mintes with a steady power of 32%


    I use 36mm filters but 1.25 can cover it too



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  6. 2 minutes ago, Owmuchonomy said:

    I like that very much.  Maybe ease off a little on the red and a touch more on the blue but that's just my personal taste.  I assume you are pleased with the Baby Q?

    Hey Chris Yes very happy with the baby Q ( I look to see how it performs under good skies and with narrowband.  Really nicely built and also really light..  :)

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  7. find the gorgeous Double Cluster in the constellation Perseus. It’s a wonderful sight to see on winter evenings, here in the Northern Hemisphere.
    The Double Cluster consists of two open stars clusters, known as “H” and “Chi” Persei (also called NGC 884 and 869).
    This is my first light using the Takahashi FSQ85 telescope
    Captured from London on 13/09/2016 ( poor weather conditions )
    Takahashi  fsq85
    QHY9s CCD
    Ioptron CEM60
    LRGB 2 x 300 seconds filter
    Double ClusterHigher Res



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