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  1. Wait until you see Saturn for the first time - that completely blew my socks off!
  2. I have the 30 mm Orbinar Plossl, and there is an improvement over the 25 mm MA that came with my Skywatcher Explorer 130P, in terms of contrast and clarity. BUT, and it's a big but, the lack of any sort of eyecup means that it's a pain to get your eye in the right position to avoid some quite vicious kidney beaning. I tried to fashion something from a piece of bicycle inner tube, which helped a little bit, but it's all too easy to get blacked right out. For the price, it's not that bad an eyepiece, but I think maybe I should have stuck at 25 mm.
  3. PreferencesZeiss Dialyt B/GAT* 7x42, which are my numero uno birding pair - a bit low on power, but very good bins. I'm looking at getting some 10x50s for astronomy, although I'm tempted by the idea of 15x70.
  4. Just out of interest, are there any members in or near the Medway Towns that know of any dark sky sites in the area that AREN'T popular [removed word] spots or sites for burning out stolen cars? My back garden is 'blessed' with a downwards facing LED streetlamp just the other side of the hedge, and it's impossible to stay dark adapted.
  5. I don't have to worry about how bright the moon is - I can see it through the clouds, anyway! I apologise, I am a jinx. I take up astronomy, Patrick Moore dies and the skies turn rubbish. All my fault.
  6. Roo


    Their telescopes are on Ecuadorial mounts...
  7. I can't stand the things, mainly because they've been adopted by the same sort of new-age, hippy, woo-woo spouting airheads that believe in astrology and crystals and ear candles. AND they are a danger to wildlife and crops AND I still regularly find the wire hooped remains when I take the dog for a walk.
  8. Also, sorry, I've just noticed the comment by Cornelius.
  9. I've bought a few minor bits and bobs from the Scope'n'Skies website, mainly from the Astroboot section. Although everything that's arrived has been as ordered, nothing has thus far arrived within 2 weeks, and on one occasion, one of the items wasn't in the package. To be fair, I phoned them and when I DID get a reply, they sorted it fairly quickly. I have seen numerous horror stories and I'm not sure I'd buy anything major from them until they sort their act out. 'Shambolic' is a word I've seen used elsewhere, and it seems to be the experience of most users. Like many, I saw the You Tube vide
  10. After 18 days of cloudy skies, I finally saw the damn thing on Saturday night just gone, by which time it was probably fainter than it had been. But, a sighting is a sighting, and I saw it again last night, so I shouldn't moan - at least I've had some clear sky at last!
  11. I also believe that the chances of clear skies diminish rapidly when there is something interesting to see. 2 weeks of cloudy early evenings have ruined PanSTARRS for me thus far. It really has been the long, dark teatime of the soul.
  12. I love this place. I was thinking about this exact question, and if I'm thinking it, someone else usually has before. Google the question, follow the link to SGL. Simple. Saves clogging up the boards with repeat questions.
  13. I think what planted the seed for me was the first time I used my birding scope to look at the sky and saw Jupiter for the first time. What looked to the naked eye like a bright star was, at x27, clearly a disc. I then tried it on the moon and was amazed at the detail I could see (and at just how bright it is). The wife picked up on this and bought me a 130 mm reflector for my birthday, which pulled the stargazer in me out of the closet. She may live to regret it! The sheer scale of the universe has always fascinated me, and being able to find things like galaxies which are bigger than the Mil
  14. When it comes to chair ownership, don't [removed word]-foot around the issue, or come Tom-orrow you'll have to start again. Actually, cats are no problem - try stargazing from a recliner with a Goldie trying to jump on your lap!
  15. Being new to all this, I like your approach. I'm learning the sky a bit at a time, although recently it's been clouds, clouds and more clouds.
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