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  1. im actually still amazed haha...whats a good barlow for the dob?
  2. Well got my new scope a few days ago set up was nice and easyand tonight i was pestered by the kids to test it out.....so looked at the moon first as that was the easieiest thing to see, and wow i was blown away couldnt believe what i was seeing....never looked through a scope before so i was amazed and so were the kids....next they wanted to see beetleguese which was another easy object to get..and then we went jupiter and my god how beautiful was that i was stunned i had to step back and take a deep breath, i couldnt believe how clear it was i could clearly see both bands and moons so we spe
  3. None lmao still waiting for my first scope to be delivered haha
  4. yea seen a few people talk about tht book...will have to pick it up
  5. Lol all sorted thanks for your help.......i wasnt running the latest version which i thought i was haha. Thanks again
  6. Ive re-installed it 4 times....cant do anything with it as i cant see no writing lol....any other software that like Sterlarrium?
  7. I have an issue with sterlarrium...When i open it it seems all the writing is fuzzed out so i cant read nothing...Anyone else had this issue?
  8. was thinking of the cheshire one....that any good?
  9. Will i need to collimate the scope when i get it? Thanks
  10. haha i just might do that but knowing my luck it will arrive when im at work haha
  11. Thanks......yea she knows ive been looking and hinting towards a scope haha and i know for a fact that as soon as i tell her "babe come look at jupiter" she will be there lol.Anyway to late now order is placed heehee
  12. Well i have done loads of reading and have just ordered a Dobsonian 8inch....Im 32 and feel like a kid a xmas haha so excited just hope i dont regret it (dont think i will). Now shall i tell the misses or just wait for it to turn up haha
  13. hello and welcome:-)
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