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  1. Are the threads M54-male/M54-male? Can I connect the OVL field flattener directly?
  2. A friend of mine has both the 1300D and the 4000D for astro, I own a 100D. Overall, the 4000D has cheaper quality: the camera body is less robust and the screen smaller. And there are little details that makes 4000D almost unsuitable for astro. It lacks the jack for the shutter release timer and it has not the little 'door' for the external power cable. That's why he ended buying an Canon 1300D, which is performing great. So, I wouldn't recommend the 4000D for astrophotography.
  3. By default, AZ-GTI creates a WiFi network you can connect to. Just connect your Windows 10, or mobile device, to "SynScan_something" network and use SynScan App.
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