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  1. Hi Andy, I drive past Austerfield and go up the quarry with the scope, it takes me about 5 mins so that's not too bad :-) thanks! x
  2. Maybe I'm starting a new trend? Stargazing in your PJ's - get your pics on!!!! Haha :grin: :grin:
  3. definitely not I'm not that bad ha ha. thankyou Martin ill have a look around. The sleeping bag is a great idea. It'll be like going camping ha
  4. Haha there's no budging me out the pjs once they're on! I was planning on going in my dressgown too but the other half didn't approve! So I had to grab my jumper!! Thanks for the warm welcome I can tell i'm going to be addicted to this forum very soon. Thanks for the well wishes on the wedding too which is completely stressing me out at the mo - but wedding plans can wait.... I have a new telescope!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: I will be downloading Stellarium when I get home, everybody seems to be talking about it and I need it P.s. I will be telling the other half you approve of the PJS, he j
  5. Hello, I'm in Doncaster, just wondered if anyone knows anywhere nice dark, clear etc. for stargazing?? Thankyou!
  6. LisaandIain


    Hey! I'm Lisa and I'm new, I've asked two questions so far and everyone has been super helpful. Abit about myself... im 22 from Doncaster - S.Yorks. I've been interested in space since being really young and got my first telescope for my 21st birthday last feb! After seeing Saturn (and seeing the blur with rings) I got hooked and wanted to upgrade! But as me and my partner had decided to get married this year the timing was always wrong, we had better things to spend our money on! After doing ALOT of overtime (and my partner feeling guilty for not getting me anything for my birthday muahaha) h
  7. Oh we have the Skywalk (i think its called) App on the iphone and that's really good, shows you how low Saturn is at the mo so you can see it rising slowly. You point the phone at the sky and it tells you what each dot is.
  8. I think last year we were out late March / April for Saturn. :-)
  9. Yeah I agree, i love looking at Jupiter and it's moons but get super excited for Saturn to make it's appearance. Been looking on google and people have nothing but good reviews for the new scope and saturn so super excited! We take ourselves away to dark areas for Saturn. It was good fun trying to fit the scope in the car last night! Don't think I'll be carrying it anytime soon!!
  10. my partner was asking last night how long until we can see Saturn! It didn't help every review was like "Saturn just takes your breath away!!" I'm more of a Jupiter fan :-)
  11. Hello, ive just got my new skyliner 250px and took it out for a quick go tonight. We can see Jupiter its crystal clear, two beautiful red bands and 3 definite moons, what a beautiful site!! What other things appear more than a dot? It's a little misty tonight so thought I'd come here and get the tips and tricks ready for tomorrow. I'm not sure what you can see through a telescope, we tried Betelgeuse but it was the same size through the scope as it was without. Tried andromeda but it was too misty so didn't spend too much time on it. Thankyoooooou :-)
  12. Thanks for all the comments. I ended up with the skylines 250px and built it up tonight!! My previous scope was a celestron astromaster 70, my mum got me it as a birthday present last year and although its relatively cheap compared to most scopes I am happy with it but wanted a bigger scope to see more as I was pretty limited, but the moon was great through it and you could sort of see saturns rings (which kept my other half happy!!) I'd be happy with a clearer image rather than bigger so you can look and say "oh that's Jupiter!!" Rather than "this app says this is Jupiter" haha. Still think I
  13. Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum, found it on Google and i'm hoping someone can help! I currently have a cheap telescope, I can see the moon in great detail, saturn (a blur with rings), mars (a red blur) and jupiter (another blur!) I'm looking at upgrading my equipment. I've been googling and decided I want a big one but thats as far as I've got. There's far too much choice and too many mixed reviews! I've found a skywatcher skyliner 250px (not flex tube) that i quite like the look of, i've read good reviews too. I know alot about space, im glued to documentaries and I have an app which tells me
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