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  1. wasnt this one over a 100k at some point? http://www.astroshop.eu/orion-dobson-telescope-n-1270-4765-monster-50-dob/p,20334
  2. Ok stolen this from the internet, since i'm to lazy today to type it out How the Alcubierre Drive Works Normally, Einstein's theory of relativity doesn't permit any object to travel faster than the speed of light, because accelerating up to that speed requires an infinite amount of energy. The Alcubierre drive gets around this by proposing that the drive would actually manipulate spacetime itself, causing the space in front of it to contract while the space behind it expands. This "warp bubble" allows the ship to reach a destination faster than a light beam traveling through "normal" spacetim
  3. Hi Federico and welcome to SGL! What's a German style village btw? (i'm naturally curious, or nosy by nature, take your pick )
  4. Welcome to the SGL m8!
  5. Iddy

    Hello All

    welcome aboard!
  6. a belated Welcome to the lounge!
  7. Iddy


    Hi Dave, welcome to the SGL.
  8. Iddy

    Hello from lee

    Hi Turbo, and welcome to the lounge!
  9. great post! think you had an awesome night there! Keep it up, and enjoy! Great tip about the onsie btw! got one for diving, but never occured to me to use it under my clothes for observing. will try that the next time! Thanks! Michiel
  10. WHoohoooeeee!!!! After waiting for 2 weeks when my scope arrived and all i saw was clouds, yesterday i finally got some clear skies! Went scuba diving in the evening, and on the way home in the car i could spot some stars. Came home, and went out on my balcony, and behold.... STARS!!! quickly setup my telescope, and dint even bother to properly align it, or even connect the power supply Too excited, and didn't wanna chance it getting cloudy again before i had a chance to look through it. Played around with my eyepieces ( 30mm,28mm15mm and 7mm) OMG! what a view! The light capture of the te
  11. Welcome to the lounge. The amount of info here is mind boggling!
  12. Looks like you had a good night Keep it up, and hope for a blackout and clear skies one day
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