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  1. I would recommend downloading Stellarium. It's a free piece of software that shows you exactly where everything is in relation to your location. Great piece of software for session planning http://www.stellarium.org/en_GB/
  2. Hey Tich, the ep I was referring to was Simon's T5 nagler. It was the absolute dogs danglies. Your ascension 32mm was also pretty damn good but I have to say the nagler blew my mind. Not something I can afford though right now, however the ascension is a definite possibility. Thanks for the use last week tich, very much appreciated i started it again as the last post said that I newb probably wouldn't notice the difference between a standard ep and something like a nagler so I just wanted to say that even being a newbie I could tell a huge difference
  3. Old post I know but I am new to astronomy and I had the opportunity to look through a t5 ep last week (I think it was a 31mm) and the difference between that and my stock ep's was immense! It felt like I was looking through a porthole into the heavens. I think I described it at the time as akin to watching a film on an old TV set and then watching the same film in HD on a super wide screen. I need some naglers in my life!
  4. We did good tich! It was good to find them manually even if we did look through other people's telrads to see where their scope was pointing. Still, I don't suppose it's any different to using telrad maps. Thanks for letting me use your 2" ep too, I have to say that I was pretty amazed at how much more they allow you to see. Definitely going to have to get me one (some) of those!
  5. A few of us were out last night with central midland stargazers and one of the guys got the owl nebula in view. I decided that I was going to try and find it manually and was somewhat perplexed to find an elongated galaxy instead. Turned out to be M108 which I was really chuffed about finding as I didn't even intend to. What was even nicer was the fact that when I found the owl nebula I was able to get both in the same view using my 25mm EP. I found a total of 6 new messier objects last night and I also managed to spot NGC3628 for the first time in the same view as the other 2 of the leo tripl
  6. The way I have found them is to find Chertan and get it into the very left hand edge of my view. I then bring the scope directly down (slowly) and it appears on the right edge of my view. I have found it every time using this method.
  7. I don't think you need a telescope for astrology, maybe just some tarot cards and a crystal ball. Actually, if you do get those, can you let us know when the clouds will clear
  8. Forgot to mention, you can also see many distant galaxies. Don't expect to see them like you do in magazines though. To the human eye they are mostly fuzzy patches of light with some detail that can be made out when you look at them for long enough. The fact that you can actually see them in the first place though still makes them even more amazing than photos you see in magazines. Well, in my opinion anyway
  9. Most people on here are a lot more experienced than I, however M42 is one of 110 deep sky objects. M42 is the nebula (star forming region) found just below orions belt. I have a 10" dobsonian and can clearly see the green hue of the nebula as well as the newly born stars within. With regards to seeing stars, they will always look like points of light however some are multiple stars that orbit each other that can be separated with a telescope like the ones you have mentioned. No doubt others will be able to provide more information for you
  10. This is a great idea. I used to climb and as they are designed for climbers chalk, they are designed to be easily accessible. The last thing you want when you're hanging off the side of an overhang is a bag that you can't reach. For this reason I think they would be perfect. Furry inside too which is a bonus. One tip though, don't buy second hand unless you want everything covered in a thick coat of powdered chalk! lol
  11. Haha I wouldn't fancy taking both at the same time through narrow doors, I would no doubt end up bashing the tube on a door frame and either denting it or putting the collimation way out. Neither of which really appeals. As it only takes a couple of minutes to take both pieces separately, I think I will stick with that method. I also have a dog that given half a chance would be out on the street like a shot and running off somewhere. At least carrying one at a time I can close doors as I go through them! lol
  12. I have the 10 inch dob and it is no problem to carry around at all. I take the tube off the base, lay it over my back seats in tje var and its fine. I then just put the base in my boot. I have a peugeot 306. I also have a sankey water butt stand to put it on which goes in the front although it would fit perfectly fine in the boot also. Dissasembly only takes a couple of mins as does reassembly. I would imagine the 8 inch will be just as easy (I would say easier but the 10 inch is so easy I cant see how anything else could be easier! lol)
  13. Im never keen on being up really late as I have to be up at 6 for work most days. I suppose the occasional night wouldn't hurt if it meant I could see Saturn. Not that the clouds are going to give me a chance anyway! Damn you astronomy gods!!!
  14. Good luck Vikki, I wish our skies showed signs of clearing
  15. excellent, well done. I'm looking forward to seeing Saturn myself when it appears a little earlier in the sky. Not liking the idea of 2am astronomy at the minute! Lol
  16. I initially took my scope out into the back garden last night as we presently only have 1 car and a motorbike (didn't really fancy carrying my scope on the bike! Lol). My only aim for the garden was to look at the moon as I have not seen it in my scope before. I was mightily impressed with the views I managed to get using both of the standard ep's. Anyhow, after about half an hour my wife got home so I decided to take my scope to Burbage common near to where I live. It is still light polluted being right next to Hinckley but at least there are no street lights for about a mile in any direction
  17. Out of the 2 that it comes with, the 30x should be the smaller of the 2. I'm pretty certain that if you have the 30x in you'll be able to see the bands on Jupiter as well as the moons. Don't quote me on that though as I'm a newbie too! Lol
  18. Did you manage to see any of the moons either side of Jupiter? Depending on what time you looked you should have been able to see either 2 or 3 moons. I am able to see them using my finderscope which is 9x magnification so I am sure with the 30x they will definitely be visible. I was gobsmacked when I fifst saw them as I had no idea that it was even possible
  19. When using apps on a phone or and ipad, bear in mind that it isn't always 100% accurate. I pointed my skysafari app at jupiter and in its place was Ursa Major...!! I've resorted to taking the results with a pinch of salt. What would work (I assume) is using a compass and making sure that your app is saying you are pointing in the same direction. If not, turn off compass on your mobile device and just align it manually with whatever direction your compass says. This was not limited to sky safari, it has happened on google sky maps and skywalk on both my samsung galaxy s3 and also my ipad. I as
  20. gravityguy


  21. Something that I would also be interested in knowing
  22. I found my first proper messiers last night on my first proper outing with the 250px dob. I am a complete beginner too but found M65 and M66 by locking onto chertan in the constellation of Leo (I only learnt that constellation last night after viewing it for ages on stellarium and starrynight pro). Once I had done that I just brought the scope down slowly with my 25mm ep and eventually saw the 2 faint fuzzy patches in the sky. I couldn't find the third in the triplet but I was very happy. Hope that helps. I also found andromeda for the first time last night as well
  23. If that's the case, I may save and get the synscan dobsonian upgrade once I've learnt the skies a bit more!
  24. I'll keep those in mind when I am out again. I'll add them to the front of turn left at orion as good 10" objects
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