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  1. The reason I bought my 5 SE is the wedge feature. I found the 4'' too small, and I would have loved to have 6 SE but it doesn't come with a wedge & I didn't want to spend more money getting into the hobby at that moment. I have had no troubles with the 5 SE at all, it's light, portable, the goto scope is great for anyone who is just learning about the many facets of the hobby but does not want to be over whelmed by the information available. Visually, although this winter has been poor in Western Canada for viewing in reasonable weather, I did manage to find Jupiter along with 4 moons with the 5 SE, during a night of great viewing in minus 27 C. Saturn was observed during an early morning session & the few general pics I've taken so far are not too bad. I would not want to depend on this mount for long exposure photography, but anything under 3-5 minutes would be ok. I only say this because so far I have not tried any exposure longer then 5 minutes, I do not know how well the scope preforms in longer exposures, Yet! Had the 6 SE included the wedge mount, I would have gladly paid the $100 difference. For me, it was the wedge mount vs mirror diameter of 1". Cheers!
  2. Thank You to ev1 who responded. I appreciate your opinions & advice, & I will definitely take all the advice given some thoughtful consideration before I make my final decision. I see I have a little more thinking to do till then. Once again, thanks for the help, it's greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. I had the same issue the 5th time I turned on my Celestron NexStar 5 SE. It went into the boot error message. When someone purchases this scope, one of the two cables are supplied with the package. Most people who are using up-to-date computers need to purchase the usb-Com port cable, but older desktop/laptop systems may still have COM ports. I too had to search Celestron's web pages for the answers, but once that was accomplished, it was a matter of minutes before I was up & running again. I too wasn't a real happy camper about this, but I am practical, & expect some problems with any digital equipment. Perhaps there is a deeper issue with the new NexStar+ controllers that Celestron needs to address, however I do feel that you did what you thought was best for you & no one should fault you for that. You had legitimate concerns that couldn't be resolved to your satisfaction, your retailer did the appropriate thing by giving you the refund. I'm not certain all of these digital controllers are such a good thing either. 1 real good sun burst and we could all be calling the local retailer looking for field ready star charts & mounts with cable controls.
  4. I consider myself as a beginner in astronomy, I certainly am learning lots of new and very useful information. Recently I bought a Celestron Nexstar 5 SE telescope. Even though the 5'' Schmidt Cassegrain is perfect for viewing through, I am very interested in Astrophotography, so I am thinking of buying a Lunt 80 ED with a HEQ 5 mount with an Orion Magnificent mini autoguider or a Sky-Watcher Black Diamond ED 120 OTA with the HEQ 5 Synscan mount & a Celestron 80 mm guidescope package. If anyone has any suggestions, thoughts or comments about the equipment I am thinking of buying, I would certainly appreciate your opinions &/or suggestions. Cheers!
  5. SnakeyJ; I did adjust the tension of the ny-loc nut that secures the vertical axis gear to the pivot. I did get some droop prior to the adjustment, but now it works just fine. I only increased the tension by a few inch pounds, so the Teflon washers shouldn't wear out any faster then normal. The visual back shown in the picture screws directly to the scope, & it is a simple 2 inch collar that allows for the 2 inch nose piece for the zoom to slip right in. I use the 2 inch nose piece instead of the 1.25 as the weight you mentioned, I feel, would cause a big stress on the 1.25" barrel, risking damage to the zoom eyepiece. When I am using the zoom as a regular eyepiece for casual viewing, I do use a 2x Barlow with the zoom EP. As long as someone uses a high quality Barlow, it usually will not effect the quality of the EP. I am looking to buy a few 2" power-mates, up to 4x, for photographic purposes. This is my intent, but I am still reading all about the differences & benefits of the Power-mates vs Barlows. You are correct thinking I touched up the Go-To mount a little to stop the droop. I thought it best to share this info in case others are considering a similar set-up. Cheers!
  6. I bought mine the same day I purchased my 5 SE Schmidt Cassegrain. There are a few zooms similar on the market, but once I read the info on the lens, I knew I had to have it. It does very well as an eyepiece, but it does even better with a DSLR camera attached. Yup, the 5 SE can hold the weight of the camera, zoom & misc pieces needed to thread them together. They work great either as a telescope in the night sky using the Go-To mount, or as a terrestrial lens on a heavy camera tripod. In my opinion, it's worth the little extra money when it's compared to the competition. Many zooms are inferior eye-pieces most people know to avoid, this one is by far the best of the breed, in all respects.
  7. Jim, I sent you an e-mail about this issue we share, then I joined up here, you can never have too many clear-sky friends. When I get an answer from Celestron I'll e-mail you as well as post the results here for others. Cheers!
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