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  1. Dom - inspirational stuff, wonderful images. My X2C arrived recently, although work and family commitments have prevented much playtime, but an Ha filter is now definitely on the shopping list! Your results, plus Don's excellent NB images, should give hope to anyone trying to cut through LP. They certainly give me hope! Street lights around our house have been "upgraded" a few months ago - instead of the pleasantly predictable yellow glow, they are now a harsh white light. Not far off the brightness of flame-thrower insecurity lights. Naturally, the effect seems much worse when your eyes
  2. Luke - it was some of your comments over the past few months, and many of your excellent images, that contributed to my buying decision! And I have absolutely no regrets...
  3. Managed to see the big prom, while giving my new Quark its first light. A fab start!
  4. I'll give some dslr imaging a whirl, simply to see what happens, but expect I'll need to think about another option in due course. Cheers Simon
  5. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised how much of the disc I could see with the 80. Best of luck with yours Shaun, and hope it turns up soon. Mine was nigh on two months from ordering to arrival, which wasn't so bad, especially since Christmas happened in the middle!
  6. Hi folks Have just tried out my very new Quark chromosphere for the first time. This is my first Ha experience, apart from looking through a Quark at IAS in June last year. Eventually plucked up the financial courage to order one, and I'm very pleased I did! Had an easy full-disc view with my little ED70 (420mm fl) - which was one reason for buying that scope - and not far off FD with the ED80 (500mm). I didn't time it, but the Quark seemed to come up to temperature pretty smartly, while I was faffing about getting the scope set up, grabbing coat etc. Initial views were impressive enough (
  7. Now and again could just make out two of the three - tiny dot, and bigger tiny dot - but never the third. Focus? What focus... Shaky, vague image. Started with frac, then in desparation switched to 8" sct, hoping that would be better, but nah, seeing was even worse with that - thin clouds had started rolling in. I have a few snaps of an amorphous grey blob, but will be deleting the lot! Hey ho... After the delight of Lovejoy over the last week or two, this morning was a wee bit disappointing. Tonight's forecast looks better though - ever hopeful! Cheers Simon
  8. Thanks Ghostdance - a very helpful video. Sounds like another early rise is in store (Jupiter triple transit early tomorrow), to catch its fly-by near M44. That'll make a neat time-lapse challenge. Never tried an asteroid before but will aim to give it a go.
  9. I don't have a printer myself, but my son's built a couple and has so far made me some very nice bahtinov masks. Measured the dew shields carefully, and the masks are a perfect friction fit with the help of some integral lugs. Simple enough, but very effective. More stuff in the pipeline...
  10. Thanks for the comments Don - much appreciated. Good to know what you have found useful, and under what circumstances. And thanks for the links, I've been enjoying watching the progress of your NB and wide FoV results. Most encouraging! I found a secondhand Altair 10x60 finder-guider recently, and I'm itching to give it a go with the LS! As soon as I have something better than laughable to share, I'll post some images. Cheers Simon
  11. Many thanks Paul - that's very helpful info. Yes, have noted Nytecam's impressive results!
  12. It was the Orion course. I suspect many of us had an "er what…?" moment at that point! A bit too Blue Peter... But yes, it has improved quite a bit since.
  13. Richard - many thanks for the info. I'd wondered if an IR cut would help with any potential star bloat. I'll add on to the shopping list! Cheers Simon
  14. Thanks for thread Martin - yes, I deliberated for a while between the mono and colour X2, before deciding on colour. I can see the logic (if not the expense) of getting a mono version at some as well!
  15. Many thanks Martin - appreciate the input! Best Simon
  16. Hi folks Have at last acquired a Lodestar, partly for AP guiding, but mainly with EAA in mind. Do you guys use these with a filter - I'm guessing a UV/IR cut - on a regular basis? I'm presuming that's the next wee thing on my shopping list! Appreciate confirmation before I place the order - thanks! Have tried the camera in daylight so far, with a combination of variable polarising filter (nearly fully dark) and a solar continuum filter, to bring the light level down to something manageable. Using LL (brilliantly simple, lovely software), I grabbed a view of two blokes working on the top of
  17. If I understand correctly, Future Learn is simply the free online course off-shoot of the OU. A separately branded bit of the OU. Whichever place you start, I think sign up for the free courses via Future Learn anyway. There's a "Moons" course coming up next, in early Feb I think. Might have a crack at that one too.
  18. Yup, enjoying Wk3 - a bit more thought-provoking. I was initially a bit disappointed by Wk1 as, from the course title, I was expecting a bit more of an in-depth look at Orion and everything within that region. No matter though, it persuaded me to follow a few angles I might not otherwise have thought about, and I ended learning more than I expected. But for me this week is the most involving so far, and I'm glad I stuck with the course.
  19. That looks pretty encouraging! Look forward to seeing the processed results.
  20. Wow! A fab set of images. Well worth the pain of multipane. Love that long-tailed lizard...
  21. ...and go back to the water again. But before you do, please try taking a load more images! It's quite addictive though, especially given the fact that it takes place during daylight hours, when it can be significantly warmer than frosty nights under the stars. But they're good too! Have fun, and if the sun isn't around to snap, you go always try the Moonlight on Vermont. Cheers
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