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  1. Jeff - sorry for the delayed response.  As Cornelius V suggests, yes, probably better to post in the relevant forum section, as more people (including me!) are likely to notice it.  No worries though, and to answer your question, I have found the Baader Hyperions to work very well with my Equinox 80.  IMHO, they are excellent performers for the money.  I wear glasses, and I welcome the eye relief they offer.  I have the 24, 13 and 8mm Hyperions, and also the Mkiii 8-24 zoom.  For the lowest mag from my collection, I use a TV Panoptic 35mm - 14x with the Equinox.  Don't often use a barlow at all, and switch to a 5mm Pentax when I want 100x.  Out of the various scopes I've had down the years, I reckon the little Equinox 80 is, optically, the best of the bunch.  Concerns re eyepiece weight and balance are really dependent on your mount.  I use tube-rings, on a long dovetail plate, and don't really have any balance issues.  Hope that helps!

  2. Hi folks Just discovered this thread - fascinating stuff, and pretty damn inspiring! I do have an EQ mount (AZ-EQ6), but often leave it in alt-az mode for purely visual, particularly so I can hang a couple of scopes on it for outreach events. I've yet to try imaging with it in alt-az, but am now inspired to give it a go. Just come back from a short break in the Canaries, staying on the south side La Gomera. Amazed at the sights available that you can't see from the UK, especially Omega Centauri, which blew me away even just through my wee 8x42s. Wished I'd taken a scope.
  3. Had the same problem recently, but fortunately the missing screw was still in the tripod bag! Just a minor irritation though, and I have to say that the tripod and trigger grip combo has proved to be outstanding value for money. Only needs the odd tweak to the tension on the ball of the trigger grip. And an occasional onceover to check the screws!
  4. Ace set-up - lovely combination. Have loads of fun with it! Cheers Simon
  5. Hi there - is this mount still available? Cheers Simon
  6. The Altair Astro 10x60 RACI works well for me, but it's the only one I've tried. I use it on my ED80, a C8, and an f11 4" refractor. Can also be turned into a straight-through guidescope for AP - a useful bit of kit. Not sure about compatibility with your mounting bracket though, probably best to check that with Altair. HTH Cheers Simon
  7. Yummy images, beautifully caught.
  8. Whoops, think I posted a dodgy link to Worthing Astronomers, try this instead: http://www.worthingastronomers.org.uk Cheers Simon
  9. Hi James - welcome from a little east of you on the Sussex coast. There's a local bunch of like-minded people that you might enjoy linking up with - Worthing Astronomers. Free to join, they publish a newsletter each month, host observing nights from time to time, and hold workshop sessions/talks every other month. There's a bit more info at: http://www.worthingastronomers.org.uk If you send them an email via the SUBSCRIBE link down the left-hand column on that page, you can receive their newsletter. You'll also find their facebok page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/skywatchers101?_rdr
  10. Well worth a look! The t'other side is also fairly busy, as Michael pointed out. That long, thin arc, around 9 o'clock, looks beautiful. Enjoy folks! Cheers Simon
  11. The taller component is now starting to loop off to the right. To my warped imagination, it's beginning to look like a witch with a very long nose. Wonderful stuff...
  12. Just stopped work for some solar lunch. Munching with the Quark. And, yes, WOW! That prom, or series of proms, at approx 1 o'clock is indeed huge. Back out for more...
  13. Shaun - many thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated. Yeah, understood re full disc, and not TOO bothered about that. Glad to hear how much you like your Esprit. Very encouraging, and definite food for thought! Cheers S
  14. Apologies if this comment is fractionally off-topic, but I've read your various posts about the combination of Esprit 80 with the Quark with much interest. I'm using mine with an Equinox 80, and the wee Starwave 70ED (420mm/f6) - the Equinox delivers slightly better detail, as you might expect, while the 70ED achieves neat FD views, with a bit to spare. Swapping H-alpha and white light between the two is keeping me pretty happy. However, I'm considering a smallish triplet, with general AP in mind and, given the comments on the Esprit 80 with the Quark, I'm curious as to how the Esprit 100
  15. Stunning, definitive, engrossing and so completely and sensibly useful! Brilliant job Rob - something to savour and revisit, over and over... Must be one of the most comprehensive and succinct what-are-they, where-are-they and what-can-you-see guides that I've ever read! Are you planning to write a book? I reckon they'd be a fair few customers on SGL alone! Thank you so much. All the best Simon
  16. Looks a pretty handsome spot - lovely texture. Nice one!
  17. Beautiful sketches Rob - love the treatment. Working from home today, sun's come out and so has my quark, on the ED80. Those hedgrows are amazing, reminded me of gothic cathedral - arches overlaid on arches - stunning bit of architecture! One of the best and most exciting views had with the quark so far. Nipping back out, deadlines can wait... Enjoy the show everyone! Cheers Simon
  18. Our bit of the Sussex coast stayed uniformly grey towards the south east, and stayed that way for the duration. Had set up all ready for white solar and H-a viewing, and a pal came round to share in the fun. Sadly, apart from looking progessively dimmer towards 09:30, that was it, although a couple of tiny, tantalising patches of blue towards the west added to our annoyance. Just to make sure our disappointment was complete, I had a text from a friend who lives about a mile north from us, with a photo of the sun taken on his phone through a hazy but highly convenient gap in the clouds. Sure,
  19. Sounds quite exciting! Tried a few minutes of white light earlier, but someone had spray-painted a thin coat of white paint across the inside of the sky-dome. And then added thicker coats during the afternoon. Most people around here would say "it's a lovely sunny day!" Yeah, right... Never mind, rain tomorrow
  20. Exactly. I have a rechargeable phone-booster battery pack (brand is Anker) that was recommended by Astrograph.net, who supplied my Quark. If it looks vaguely sunny, with any blue patches approaching, I plug in the Quark while setting up a scope, and it's easily up to temperature by the time the blue patch arrives. If the weather is doing its "sunny periods" stuff, then I often leave the Quark powered up for a whole morning/afternoon, and nip out whenever I see the shadows in the garden start to sharpen up. I've been pretty surprised at how quickly the Quark does seem to come up to temperat
  21. It looks stunning - been enjoying a blow-out Quark-fest during the last hour or so. Some amazing proms, very beautiful, very active. Gaping in awe and wonder... And still some time before sunset! Cheers all Simon
  22. Yup, first time I've ever been sure that I've seen Uranus. So useful to have Venus as a signpost. Have tried to find it on a several other occasions, and I think I MAY have seen it a couple of nights ago, but this evening was far more obvious. Definitely not a twinkling star, and definitely Uranus. Four planets in quick succession can't be bad.
  23. A magic sight. A good opportunity to give my Quark a garden adventure. Captivated by the proms, and so pleased with the Quark. Best views I've had with it so far. Even tried it with an f11 102mm, and provided I stuck with a 40mm plossl, the view was surprisingly good. Great detail on the proms, as long as I pulled a hood down tight around my head and the eyepiece, to shut out any other light. Still learning how to drive it, but loving it. White light not so enthralling, but still a couple of small active areas. Enjoy the afternoon!
  24. Luke - many thanks your comments. To keep the neighbours properly entertained, maybe I should cover the hoodie in aluminium foil and claim it's to stop aliens reading my mind... The danger is, they might believe me! Interesting feedback re your f9 100mm. I suspect my f11 is pushing it for the Quark (it's well outside the suggested zone), but I'll try it again on a clear and calm day. Meanwhile, the two smaller fracs are providing fair flexibility. Longer term, as my 8" SCT doesn't seem to get out much these days, might consider swapping that for a faster 100 or 120. One day... The heat-scu
  25. Hi folks Had my Quark Chromosphere a few weeks now, and although decent weather and opportunity haven't happened at the same time very often, the last couple of days have been great. Really enjoyed watching the Prominence Show - every episode has something new to offer! Quite a wealth of variety. Ok, so I'm still in H-alpha honeymoon land, but am amazed at how much detail the Quark can convey. Have tried it in my f6 ED70 and f6.25 ED80, and both have proved pretty effective, depending on whether I fancied full disc or a tad more close-up detail. For the sake of pure experimentation, I also
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