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  1. Look forward to hearing more. Glad you're pleased with the LQs so far - they sound very good.
  2. An intruiging, and very encouraging first light report. Hmm... They were already on my short-list, which has just get a bit shorter. Cheers Simon
  3. It's on my list for Santa! Very useful reports, good to see everyone's pleased with this Ukrainian mount. I'll join the club.
  4. I've recently had my 60D modded by Andy Ellis at Astronomiser. Turned it round in a couple of weeks, and was pretty responsive to emails. Sadly though, just checked their Canon listing, and Astronomiser apparently can't handle the 6D: http://www.astronomiser.co.uk/booking.htm Might be worth emailing him though, and asking why not... His was the only service I could find in the UK that would handle my 60D. Best of luck.
  5. Yup, looking forward to hearing more! My breath is definitely bated.
  6. To see what kind of photographs you could grab with the 130PDS, if you haven't tried it already, heave a look at this long and very impressive collection of images:
  7. Which all goes to show that it's not necessarily the kit itself that's all that important, it's what you do with it that counts!
  8. A heartwarming report. Peace and quiet under the stars in the still night air is a thing to be savoured. Sharing it with someone is even better.
  9. I recently bought the Mini version, mainly because I wanted something that was as light as possible - but still capable of carrying a reasonable load - and could be dismantled into the smallest compnents for easier transport in carry-on hand luggage. There are others that will do the latter, but the Mini seemed to offer the best set of compromises. The flexibility of its control app, which covers a number of time lapse modes - some unique to the Mini AFAIK - was also attractive. Only managed a couple of sessions with it so far, and the first was clouded out after a few minutes, although
  10. At the top of the dovetail L-bracket there is a 1/4" tripod thread mounting. This can be bolted to the foot of your scope (well, it can on my WO ZS61, for example), with the clutch of this mounting point allowing rotation about the dec axis. There's also a slo-mo adjuster, for fine tuning the position. By freeing off the RA axis, and the dec axis, you can tweak your scope's direction, similar to any EQ mount. Hope that helps explain it!
  11. Lovely image - not far off being a nice painting!
  12. Is there any likelihood of the mount head being available separately? My wife thinks I have too many tripods already! Saw one of these mounts in action at an outreach event the other night. One of the guys in our local astro group nabbed one of the first batch, and I can understand why it's proving popular.
  13. Great stuff, thanks!. A few sunny gaps here between the clouds, will give it a go...
  14. Hi Mikkel I'm no expert in AP either, but from time to time I do use an Olympus OMD EM5 ii camera with my refractors. My usual setup is a micro four-thirds to T2 adapter on the camera, fitted with either a 1.25" or 2" nosepiece to fit the focuser on the scope. There seem to be at least two versions of M4/3 T adapter available and, as I understand it, which type you need will depend on the degree of back focus available on your scope. There's an example here: http://www.365astronomy.com/T-Ring-Micro-Four-Thirds-T2-Lens-Adapter-Ring-for-Micro-4-3-dSLR-Cameras-WITHOUT-EXTENSION.h
  15. Lovely sharp pic - great stuff. And a happy wedding day from me too! Cheers Simon
  16. Would be interested to hear more on that comparison twixt an OIII and SCF - a good tip raised in this thread that I hadn't heard before. Good luck with the new kit, hope you enjoy it!
  17. I'm hardly an expert solar observer (or imager, come to that!), but have been enjoying white light observing over the last couple of years, mostly with either an Equinox ED80 (500mm) or a Starwave ED70 (420mm) plus - exactly as per your thinking - a Lunt Herschel Wedge & a Baader SCF. My go-to eyepiece is normally a Baader mk3 zoom. Views with this combo are sharp, clear, and with nice contrast, and an enoyable amount of detail. So IMHO, no, I don't you're missing much. As a general rule, I find that the level of achievable contrast and detail is hugely dependent on sky conditions.
  18. A handful of best moments spring to mind: 1) First light with my Apollo 15x70s, a few years ago. Suburban back garden, not far enough from Brighton, but I was amazed at the variety of DSOs that I could see. Many of which had previously proved pretty elusive to me, even through a telescope. 2) Taking my little 8x42s on holiday to the Canaries. Sweeping the sky from our balcony, and stumbling across a large globular cluster that I'd never seen before. Oh my. It was Omega Centauri. Huge, even in the wee bins. Stunning. I shouted loudly, and woke up my wife! 3) Seeing the sa
  19. Many thanks Michael, appreciate your comments. I have some Apollo 15x70s, which I love, but was considering a slight upgrade, probably to a 16x80 format - perhaps the new Helios LightQuest 16x80, which I imagine would be close to the Opticrons (sadly no longer available). Just wondered what the subjective differences might be, compared to the Apollos. Cheers Simon PS: Congrats, by the way, on the success of your Ghostly Sun image. Great stuff!
  20. Nice report, thank you. Interesting, and very helpful. I ordered one yesterday! My reasons were much the same - ultra-portable scope that would fit in carry-on camera rucksack, to use on small tracking mount. Travelled to a few places over the last 12 months when I wished I'd had something exactly like this.
  21. Out in the quiet night air. You and the cosmos. And a pair of bins to experience it through. Heaven...
  22. Michael - curious to know how you're getting on with the Opticrons and, in particular, what kind of improvements or benefits you're seeing, compared to your Apollo 15x70s. Cheers Simon
  23. Curiouser and curiouser... Down here the score is: Me: Nil, Weather: 1 Spot moon nice & shiny through gaps in the clouds. Put scope & eyepieces ready by back door, nip down the shed to get the mount out. And it's now RAINING! Ah well, staying awake for a while with 15x70s handy...
  24. Clouds full of rain down here, but will keep peeping out and dash out with a scope if it clears. Sounds curious - would be keen to have a look.
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