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  1. Yup, my bad, picked this up from Recent Posts, and realised too late it wasn't in Classifieds - apologies, and your reminder duly noted!
  2. Just seen your post. I have an Equinox 80, which I am planning to sell. If your other potential deal falls through, do PM me, and I can send you photos etc. The scope has a finder bracket, and I also have a pair of mounting rings, which are currently fitted to a Losmandy plate.
  3. Yeah, it seems to be pretty busy above here as well! Let's hope they blow away by this evening...
  4. Well, it seems to have galloped across the sky a fair amount since last night. Not such a clear sky tonight - haze and high cloud around - but the comet, if I've spotted it correctly, is some way west and up from Eta Leonis. Forecast looks ok for a couple of nights hence, so will give it another go then.
  5. Yup, just come in after a short session with 10x50s. An enjoyable tour around - eg M44, M67 & M48 - and fairly easy to find the comet, a fuzzy patch below 42 Leonis. Having found it, I'm looking forward to following it over the next week or two.
  6. Bought this ADM version recently for my Tak 76-DCU, and it arrived from FLO within 24 hours. Neatly engineered, it fitted like a glove and I'm very happy with it. For me, it was an essential factor in getting the most out of the scope's grab & go, pack & travel potential.
  7. After a few fruitless attempts over the last week or so, I found 46P tonight for the first time, using 10x50s to sweep the area down a bit and left a bit from Menkar. A vague splodge with soft edges sprang into view. Phew - that's it! Delighted... Upped the glass ante with 15x70s, tripod mounted with a trigger grip, and had a long, lingering look, thoroughly enjoying the sight. Having found the comet, I'd planned to try some imaging, but clouds decided it was bedtime...
  8. Regarding mount adapters, if you mean could you fit the YI camera body to a telescope, yes you could. I sometimes use an Olympus micro four thirds camera (an OMD) for astro photography, fitted on the back of a small refractor with a T-mount to m43 adapter. I've never heard of YI cameras before, and it's worth searching out some reviews first: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/yi-m1 As an alternative to the YI model, it might be worth looking at what deals you can find on Olympus or Panasonic cameras that use the same m43 lens mount - perhaps a bit more of a known quantity. The YI camera
  9. Yup, can echo that comment re southern hemisphere. Visiting family in Oz last year was a phenomenal experience. I vowed that next time - maybe in a couple of years - I'd take the best and most easily transportable scope I could afford. A bad back has also made me think very hard about the kind of astronomy I can comfortably cope with. On both counts, a Tak FC-76DCU was the solution, plus the 1.7 extender. Very light, versatile and incredibly sharp, and breaks down into short tubes that all fit into a carry-on friendly camera bag. Delightful. Haven't had the chance to compare it to a TV8
  10. Craig I do indeed have one of these. A Starwave 102mm f11, which hasn't been out of the astro cupboard for quite a while and in the last 24 hours or so have pretty much decided to sell. I'll take some pics in the morning and post on here with full details, or by all means bung me a PM. It's the white-tube version, and I do have original packaging, although I'd be much happier with collection. I'd be looking for around £225. Cheers Simon
  11. Gorgeous image! Amazing how useful a nifty fifty can be... Really fab result.
  12. Hi there I’d love one of them - will PM you! Cheers Simon
  13. I've yet to challenge its capabilites on doubles very much - although Albireo looked blue-and-gold gorgeous - but it's stunning on open clusters, and the brighter nebulae. For example, the fuzzy patches of M35, 36, 37 & 38 in my 8x42 bins became beautifully resolved in the little Tak. The Lagoon and Triffid nebulae equally rewarding. My first-light experience with the scope was at my local astro-club observing night. We set up early, trying to catch a late season glimpse of Jupiter, as well as Saturn. Folks commented on the sharp clarity of the view on both planets. I'd set up ne
  14. I can't comment on the 60mm route as such, but for the similar reasons of portability and flexibility - and anticipated image quality - I recently opted for a FC-76DCU, with the CQ 1.7x extender. Early days, and I've not had a chance to do much serious imaging with it yet, but so far I couldn't be happier. Visually, it's razor sharp, with imperceptible CA, and - to my eyes - it's capable of resolving a surprising amount of detail. If you want a larger image scale, screw in the extender. Whether in f7.5 or f 12.7 mode, it's extremely light, easily mounted, and a joy to work with. My dodgy
  15. Fire dragons at play - wonderful image!
  16. Hi there I have a Starwave 102mm f11 refractor, classic white OTA, in standard trim with rings and dovetail. Have original packaging, but would prefer collection - much safer! PM me if that would be of interest. Cheers
  17. Cheers for the feedback - it's the lying down and gazing bit that makes my back and neck say "Yeah, go on, try a parallelogram!" If your Orion ED80 is reasonably well behaved, I should be ok. Many thanks.
  18. Many thanks for the info. Will try to track down that CN thread. Yes, being able to use the scope in straight-through mode certainly appeals, particularly at some angles. My scope, with finder and typical eyepiece, weighs approx 50% of that mount's quoted limit, so I'm hopeful. Glad to hear the set-up worked well for you!
  19. Will do! I'm a little way off from pulling the trigger on a suitable mount, but have planning to go the Ukrainian route for a while. Decision getting closer...
  20. That's good to know - many thanks! My Equinox 80 is the heaviest scope I'd like to try, but fortunately the new 76mm is quite a but lighter. Hmmm... a Heritage 130mm? Quite an idea!
  21. While enjoying first light with a lightweight 76mm refractor, mounted on a simple alt-az setup (Tecnosky Cubo), it struck me that given my advancing years and dodgy back, a parallelogram mount might well be worth a try. I.e. My head could remain at a relatively constant height above ground level - whether seated or standing - but the scope could be pushed up and down depending on the target's altitude. I have low-power wide-field sweeping more in mind than high-mag planetary stuff, but I'm curious to know if anyone's tried it, and what benefits or pitfalls they encountered. Is there too
  22. ...feeling at one with the universe. The peace, the quiet, and that sense of awe.
  23. I use Serif Affinity Photo for general photographic work and for astro post-processing. I've never had or learnt Photoshop, and couldn't get on with Gimp. I'm on a Mac, but I presume the Windows version is just as good. Affinity does have a stacking mode, and if I want to stack some lights from a session - being lazy, keen to see a quick result! - I'll stack and post-process purely in Affinity. I'm no expert though, but I enjoy using Affinity very much and find its capabilities more than enough for my needs. I also reckon its excellent value for money.
  24. No, it's not just you! The music is indeed much too loud. But the product looks pretty nifty. Great for outreach - leave one scope setting itself up, while you set up another manually, with the Quark warming up in the meantime. Nice.
  25. Lovely montage, very nicely done. Well worth climbing that learning curve. The expletives obviously worked!
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