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  1. Hi Martin Hope all good with you. Not sure if my experience will be of any interest to you, but I was at the point of buying a monocular a couple of months or so back. The Opticron 8x42 & 10x42 were on my short list. I was looking for something decent but small, that I could slip into my camera bag while on countryside walks during the lockdown. Inspired by some reviews & comments I read on CN, and on Neil English's website, I ended up going for a small bino instead - the Pentax Papillio 6.5x21. It just fits in my camera bag, or even a jacket pocket. It focuses down to 0
  2. Comprehensive system, comprising 150mm/6” OTA, 1500mm focal length (f10), with original 1.25” visual back, plus diagonal, as well as a Revelation dual-speed rack & pinion external focuser, allowing for coarse focusing with the primary mirror, and fine-tuning via the external focuser. The OTA features Celestron’s StarBright XLT coatings, and is fitted with the original full-length Vixen-type dovetail. The scope comes complete with a Star-Sharp Bahtinov mask, a full-aperture Seymour glass solar filter, a flexible dew-shield, and a heater band. The secondary mirror is fitted with Bob’s
  3. You'd need to fit a dovetail onto the base, where the two tripod-mounting threads are, and then yes, it would fit onto pretty much any astro mount, AZ5 included. I've had two or three different Vixen-type dovetails on it in the past, to fit onto my EQ5 or Tecnosky Cubo alt-az mount. Very simple to do. Hope that helps. Cheers, Simon
  4. Beautiful image, and lovely composition. Very nice indeed.
  5. Meade 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA Focal length: 1250mm, f13.8 I’ve owned this lovely little scope from new, bought in the late 1990s while working in the USA. The mount and electronics gave up the ghost a while ago, so this is the OTA only. Always kept in the original ETX90 hard case. OTA is in good condition, with sharp optics, and supplied complete with original finder scope, screw-in end cap, flip-mirror visual back, plus ETX to SCT thread adapter, and ETX to T-mount adapters. It’s also complete with the original Meade 26mm Plossl eyepiece. The ETX90 OTA has a tripod thr
  6. Love the "featherweight" approach! What a sweetly simple result, and elegantly minimalist...
  7. That sounds like a very encouraging start. Ever since reading your previous thread about monoculars, I keep thinking of how useful one could be! Hmm... food for thought. And for wallet! Cheers, Simon
  8. Hope your new monocular lives up to expectations. Looking forward to hearing more!
  9. Yup, sure. And you've got me thinking about monoculars! During this lockdown thing we've been taking long walks most days, and having fun discovering the variety of wildlife within a few miles of home. To travel light, I usually decide to take either a camera or 8x42 bino, but a wee monocular would slip easily into coat pocket or camera bag... Ok, can see the advantage! Back to your original post, I did look through Opticron BGA bino optics a few months back, and they were excellent. Don't think you'd go too far wrong with that option.
  10. I've no experience with monoculars as such (only telescopes!), but coming at your requirement from a different angle, in a mad moment I wondered about one of these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/guide-cameras/sky-watcher-evoguide-50ed-guidescope.html Admittedly rather heavier and longer than the other options you're considering, and probably a totally nuts suggestion, but maybe worth a daft thought... Good luck with your search and decisions! Cheers, Simon
  11. Yup, I remember visting the Farringdon showroom many times, way back when. A trip to London was never quite complete without a diversion to Telescope House. My first scope was a 6" drainpipe-tubed Fullerscopes newt, on a solid wee Fullerscopes EQ mount, bought in the early 70s. Fond memories indeed, particularly of Dudley's enthusiasm and detailed explanations. In latter years, from their Kent locations, they did a fine job of de-forking an old Meade SCT I had, and even part-exing the mount parts against a new SW EQ mount. Very helpful service, particularly from Kerin. Good memories
  12. A great result - very pleased for you. Phew, always good when a "will it work like this" plan comes together! When the rain clears, hope you have a load of fun with this set up. I've certainly been very impressed with the white-light views with the Tak 76, but so far haven't been able to reach focus with the Quark, although that was the 1.25" components. I now have a Tak-friendly Baader 2" clicklock adapter and, from your tests, looks like this should give me that wee bit of extra focus leeway. Once the sun comes out again, I'll give it a try. All the best, Simon
  13. Hi there I have the same scope, a Tak FC-76DC, and am very keen to see how you get on with configuring the lightpath for your Quark. Good luck, and I look forward to hearing more! Cheers, Simon
  14. Stunning amount of detail - fab image!
  15. Scope now sold - thanks to everyone for their interest.
  16. Hi there Have just listed mine in the For Sale/Swap section. Cheers, Simon
  17. Have decided to sell my trusty Equinox ED80 refractor. Sharp optics, smooth two-speed Crayford rotatable focuser, fitted with a finder shoe, and complete with the original Skywatcher case and tripod-threaded mounting bracket. A 3D-printed Bahtinov mask is included, along with a pair of mounting rings and a Losmandy dovetail plate. Collection preferred (Sussex coast, not far from Brighton), payment by bank transfer or cash on collection. Looking for £325.00
  18. A tantalisingly clear evening on the south coast, although puffy white things soon rolled in. To grab a few quick views, and some equally quick snaps, I set up a new-to-me 60mm refractor, with an extender to increase its native f5.9 to f10. Took a handful of snaps with an Olympus m4/3 mirrorless, on a static tripod. An enjoyable bit of lunacy.
  19. I went along to the IAS yesterday, and had a very enjoyable day. The high spot for me was certainly the new Rowan mount, especially the quality and thoughtfulness of the engineering, and the many totally practical design points. Learning about it from Derek and Dave was an enjoyable experience in itself. Due to a dodgy back, I was a bit concerned about liftability, and the guys very kindly assembled another bare mount from components in their display cabinet, so I could try lifting it and finding the optimum hug & cuddle stance! It was no problem at all to lift, particular as it'
  20. I bought a pair of APM 10x50ED bins a couple of years ago, in time for a trip to NZ and Australia. I had just enough spare space in my carry-on camera rucksack for a 10x50 pair and wanted to take the sharpest views I could that would fit that space. They fulfilled that role perfectly, showing me all the glorious wonders of the southern hemisphere skies. The only real comparative yardstick I had were my Helios Apollo 15x70, which obviousy have a mag and aperture advantage, but I found the APMs offered noticeably better edge-to-edge sharpness, more contrast, less CA (I couldn't really no
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