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  1. Is there anyway to incorporate that functionality onto a skywatcher mount?
  2. Hi Longnights, hope your not too close to the Cornard sports center! I must be at least 3 miles away from that and the flood lights still cast a shadow where I am! There's a great bunch of people here who will put you right on any questions you might have.
  3. Wow, that Skyprodigy looks a great bit of kit - plonk your scope down, switch on and let it align itself - simples!!! At least Jason Bradbury is flying the flag for us slap-heads I suppose.
  4. The problem I find with the Gadget Show is that its more about their egos than the 'gage' they review (as the young folkes say!). However Jon Bentley seems to be the exception to this. What was the self-aligning mount that was reviewed?
  5. Wishing you clear skies from just up the A12!
  6. Hey Steve - nice profile pic! I had a huge collection memorabilia from the UFO tv show. Sold most of it a few years back, just left with Fosters Car now. It was a great show with some fantastic vehicles - the SHADO mobile was my favourite.
  7. A bit like what happened to Tim Messenger? Yarp!
  8. Ahh, the DJI Phantom. A great bit of kit. Got several multirotors, some of which I've built from scratch. If anyone wants any pointers I'd be happy to pass on what (little) I've learnt.
  9. Hi Martin and welcome, There will be loads of great advice on here. I put a Telrad on my first scope and never regretted it. I would recommend the book 'Turn Left at Orion', tells you precisely how to find objects in the night sky.
  10. The buzzing object could well be a quad. Don't forget aliens love to fly RC too!
  11. Those UFO's on mars look exactly like rocks. Damn clever those aliens, but I'm on to theM
  12. Difficult to say from that short clip, but to me it looked like the terminal velocity of an object that had been dropped, rather than a meteorite. Could it be ice off a plane at high altitude? looked a bit dark though.
  13. Yowser! That's one heck of a setup you have there. Your motor focuser looks very neat - simple but effective. Do you have any further information on how you went about it?? Once I've got to grips with the scope and the imaging bug has bitten Its something I would like to have a go at. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as my old dad used to tell me.
  14. Doing a bit of random lunch time web surfing, as you do, I came across this: Its a William Optics Focuser with a 'digital readout'. It looks a 'sexy' bit of kit if I can say that! Are these any good?
  15. Greetings and welcome! I don't know a lot about zoom eyepieces so started a thread here: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/212307-telescope-zoom-eyepieces-jack-of-all-trades/ Hope you find some useful stuff in there. Apologies for not posting as a link but for some reason my PC wont let me. Its not like its in a bit of a huff or anything, its just that none of the tools on the toolbar work. Any ideas why???
  16. I like the moonlight one, but prefer the price of the Sky Watcher!
  17. The Revelation Crayford focuser seems to get very good reviews on SGL and others, but seems to be unavailable?
  18. Wow! So much to think about! I'm slowly learning more about this wonderful hobby of ours, thanks to you guys, much appreciated.
  19. Paul - love your philosophy, its so true. The best investment must be time - time spent using it. I'm a bit confused on the merits of a micro focuser as opposed to a Crayford style focuser, or vice versa . Any thoughts?
  20. Thanks Mr S! Just read your thread on the micro focuser, sounds like it should be added to the list!
  21. Sooo, add a micro focuser then. Humm, nobody tell the wife!
  22. A powermate sounds good. Televue do a 2.5X rather than a 2X in the 1.25 size. More expensive than a barlow but seem to get great reviews.
  23. I'm waiting to hear from FLO about my new C9.25 coming in and was wondering what extras would be good to go with the scope? I am mainly interested in planets with a view to imaging them in the near future. I have a HEQ6 mount, so that part is taken care of. I also have a SPC900 which I want to try out. My thoughts are: Heated dew shield and controller Desiccant Cap 9 and 18mm Celestron X-cell LX eyepieces Any other suggestions? I wondered about a barlow. Are they useful on a SCT? Thanks!
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