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  1. Happy New Year Astro Buddies! Here's to 2017 having a record number of clear and dark nights!!

    1. Knighty2112


      Fingers crossed. Happy new year! :) 

    2. Chris


      Happy new year! :)

  2. It's clear, but that's some dodgy transparency going on out there!

  3. And there goes another New Moon, rendered useless by cloud and rain :hmh:

  4. At last, a proper imaging night. 6 hours of subs in the can. Stunning out there all night. Packed in at 3.15am. Stood for a last gawp at the sky and a bright meteor sped through Leo. Beautiful. Unlike me this morning... I look and feel like I haven't slept. I love that 'image-over' feeling!

    1. orion25


      You got me wanting to see those images, my friend! Glad that you had such a productive night. Sleep? What's that? LOL

  5. Maybe I was too excited at the prospect of clear skies... All set up... It's started raining... Aaaaaaarrrgghhhh... Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all clear skies for 2016.

    1. wxsatuser


      Same here Gav


  6. Well, it was good for a short while... Clouds arrived and rain. Thankfully I packed up in time! Surely we will have some proper clear nights again one day soon.......

  7. Thanks to the weather I have become a Theoretical Astrophotographer...

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    2. Davey-T


      Since I got the QSI683, WO S71 & Astrodons I've managed precisely 1 hour of HA

    3. Stargazer33


      Looking in my astrophotography folder on the PC, my last imaging session was the Whirlpool Galaxy and Saturn on 16 May!!!!

    4. PhotoGav


      It's rubbish. I am currently hypothesising about what a set of Ha subs of The California Nebula shot through the WO Star71 would look like and how easy it would be to tease out all the detail thanks to the fast imaging scope employed...

  8. Oh look, the forecast is starting to improve, must be approaching Full Moon again.......

  9. WO Star71 finally getting some First Light...

  10. Has Clear Outside completely lost it's mind recently?! Current cloud cover prediction = 0%. Actual cloud cover = 100%...

    1. goose35


      been same for me but atlast its got it right for a change tonight

    2. Scooot


      It's totally wrong here too

    3. gooseholla


      I've never had it accurate once. I stick to the BBC, take the two nearest towns to me and view their forecasts. Can then work out if it is actually going to be clear or cloudy.

  11. Thank you Weather Gods - finally playing with new scope... :-)

  12. It's Official... I hate our atmosphere right now...

  13. Can't make it to SGL XI next year, so made up for that disappointment by hitting the buy button on a WO Star71 - apologies to those in the south for the imminent cloud out...

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    2. gooseholla


      Yup I had totally forgotten!

    3. Sleepy Kiki

      Sleepy Kiki

      Oh! looking forward to your thoughts on the new scope. (I'm hovering over the buy button :P )

    4. PhotoGav


      With the associated inevitable cloud, it may be a while before my first light post, but it will come eventually!

  14. Argh - last night... Perfect clear forecast... All set up... Clouds roll in... Game over...

    1. xtreemchaos


      know the feeling mate,looked good here but when i setup loads of high cloud and poor seeing...

    2. ronin


      Looks the same here for tonight, clear blue sky all day, light grey horizon to horizon cloud now.

    3. MarsG76


      I feel your pain... Happened to me 3 times in a row!!!

  15. A return to astronomical darkness is under a week away... :-)

    1. Robp


      Can't wait!

    2. Knight of Clear Skies

      Knight of Clear Skies

      Will be welcome indeed. :)

  16. A clear, dark sky, at long last!

    1. Scooot


      Great here too.

  17. It's pretending to be a clear night out there... All set up and guiding, but hazy subs rolling in. Not funny :-(

  18. It's very clear and it seems like pretty good seeing. Oh yes, at last! GRS has just started its transit... Happy viewing / imaging all.

  19. I am confused by the forecasts. They all say cloudy, yet its clear. I missed yesterday night because I believed the forecast. So, do I ignore the forecast and set up tonight and hope it stays clear. Do I feel lucky....?!

    1. Earl


      I dont bother with forcasts now whatsoever they are so often wrong i dont know why they even bother, wish I could get paid to get it wrong 90% of the time....... Cloud sensor and IR satellite gives a far better insight into where its going

    2. PhotoGav


      Earl, I listened to your advice and just set up anyway. It's still clear out there. Not the best seeing, but I have been able to fiddle about a bit and get the framing sorted for my next project. Fingers crossed for some crisp clear dark skies soon...

  20. Argh, it's cold out there. Been doing some Jupiter captures for an hour, had to come in to warm up a bit. How do visual folk survive?!

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    2. PhotoGav


      Hopefully... It's all processing now. I was getting about 65fps, so fingers crossed. I was also trying out my new powermate..... I knew I wouldn't hold out long!

    3. David P Osborne

      David P Osborne

      Thermals including socks and thinsulate balaclava and woolly hat and astrogloves (can seriously recommend these). We observers are made of tough stuff:)

    4. David P Osborne
  21. 18 months in and I've just discovered you can batch process in AS!2... Doh!

  22. Imaging the rosette with all that moon out there. I am using an Ha filter, but I must be desperate to try such things!!

  23. I cannot believe how frustrating this weather is.... :-((

  24. Tonight's Forecast - Cold with Clear Skies - Bring It On!

    1. PhotoGav


      Oh look, it's cloudy out there.............. :-(

  25. Hello, my name is Gavin and I'm an Astroholic...

    1. Nathan_Pembs


      Same here, I'd be out every night if I was able!

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