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  1. Hello guys I'm having a problem with my setup, my power source are not enough.and I need a bigger battery for it. my equipment are: EQ6-R Mount using ASCOM ASI1600MM Pro+EFW / or ASI294MC Pro ASI290mm mini / or ASI174mm mini Sesto Senso auto focuser / or esatto"2 auto focuser Laptop 18v 45w normally I start at 7PM and stop around 6AM so around 11 hours. my current batteries can't hold my setup very well. so I want to step up and get a good battery after a lot of research it seems that the best choice is AGM Deep Cycle Battery 12v 1
  2. Sorry it took me a long time to notice your reply, I think (and I'm not an expert) you only need to upgrade your filters when you have a large camera sensor. the Esprit 100 ED allows you to reach 40mm (which is good) but you are not required to upgrade unless your camera sensor is huge.
  3. Hi, this is my first time using my new Esprit 100ED, my first time processing using Pixinsight, and it's my first image using a Mono + filters. I loved them, can't wait to try on more targets. here's the result: Equipments: SkyWatcher Esprit 100ED SkyWatcher EQ6-R SkyWatcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope Imaging cam ZWO ASI1600MM Cool Pro ZWO EFW ZWO LRGB+NB 36mm filters Guiding cam ZWO ASI290MM Mini Seeing was avarage Location was in a Green Zone Exposures: Ha 11x1800sec L 39x
  4. Thanks, all my components are screw, nothing is push fit. also my picture shows the same shape across the whole image, if it's tilt, it shouldn't be that, right? is it collimation?
  5. So I finally got my OAG and tested it, and now I have a new problem. the stars now look like a "light coming out of a torch" I don't know how to describe it, you can see it in this picture: https://i.imgur.com/XPraFtD.jpg the focus is the best I can get, I used bahtinov mask, and used the HFR tool in SGP. can't get any better. also this "star shape" happen even in a very short exp (5 secs) so it's not tracking or guiding issue. I'm not sure what causes this, it shows up even in 1x1 or 4x4 binning. my setup was: EdgeHD 8" at 2032 F10 so w
  6. Now that you've mentioned it, I did purchase these couple months ago, gonna have to search for them. Thanks
  7. it is the same amount of light, but you can get shorter exposures, meaning more subs, that gives a better image. right? it's F10 vs F7, right? and another thing, without the Reducer, I can't fit, let say M101 and one more thing, guiding get's easier (2032mm vs 1422mm) I think the Reducer makes a lot of things better. right?
  8. I think so, but that will require me to use a nose piece, which I don't want to, I like to screw things together for a tight and snug setup. But wait, I think I got it all wrong about the Celestron OAG, I think I do not require the T Adapter if I'm using it. it does have a "SCT Adapter" isn't that the T Adapter's job? so I don't need the T Adapter anymore, it's like this: Reducer > SCT Adapter 25.3mm (came with OAG) > OAG 29mm > M48 Camera Adapter 4.5mm > T2 Adapter for Filter wheel 2mm > Filter Wheel 20mm > CCD 6.5mm I'll need spacers about 18.7mm (I ne
  9. it does, the 50mm is only one part, I think the two parts are almost 76mm or something.
  10. with the reducer, its 106mm for backfocus. the T Adapter (with the orange ring) is 50mm, after that I followed this diagram to get to a perfect backfocus: the issue with Celestron OAG (from looking into the PDF file) it says that the OAG body alone is 29mm, and the SCT Adapter is 25.3mm. so the OAG setup alone is 54.3mm plus T adapter. that is 104.3mm. now I need to figure out how to attach the filter wheel (20mm) and the ccd (6.5). I don't think I have much to work with here :D? BUT! I do have a SCT to M48 thin adapter (I can ditch the T Adapter) and that wi
  11. I see, yeah I had to make the prism almost hit the edge of the imaging sensor for me to be able to get a good view for my guiding cam. when I said fine, I meant it was tracking, but sometimes I had to move the telescope around to get a good star. which was annoying. looking at the Celestron OAG, its huge, I don't think I can use it with the Reducer, I'll be way past the 106mm required space. so it's ether the ZWO OAG or a Conventional tube rings.. right?
  12. Hi alacant, I don't understand why if I use a OAG I'll have to lose the reducer? what do you mean by not enough FOV? I used ZWO OAG before with this setup, but decide to use my old 80mm because it will be easier for me to find a suitable star. but for guiding, Reducer + ZWO OAG was working just fine (I think). if you think I should go back to the ZWO OAG (or even get the Celestron OAG) I will if it will help with my problem. Thanks
  13. Thanks fwm891. these pictrures are from last night. let me know if you need more picture.
  14. I'm not sure for how long, but it's pretty long, maybe two hours (also temp is not cold around here, so there's not so much to cool down).
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