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  1. Thanks again to all, with your tips I know I'll find it! Locating " smudges" is always tricky in the suburbs but gratifying when they're found, I guess that's the thrill of the hunt makes us keep going? I can't help but be be amazed by finding a galaxy similar in size to our own and see it as so small....
  2. Thanks everyone, these tips really help!. How evident should it appear in relative terms to M31 which I can find fairly easy in summer months under decent skies? Obviously I can head to the hills soon, once all the snow has melted for better views, still it would be great to see a glimpse right now! It's important I guess to keep searching instead of being frustrated. Thanks
  3. Nikon 10x50 Aculons, Vortex Diamondback 8x42. Love them both, the Diamondbacks are simply amazing and suggest them highly for everyday use, really bright and sharp and within anyone's budget.
  4. Perhaps due to suburban light pollution, I again have lots of trouble finding Whirlpool with my 200p ( as I did last season) I've tried 20 and 15 mm e.p's scanning everywhere near its easternmost star. Any tips, maybe L.P filters? Cheers!
  5. Need advice from U.K on Opticron binoculars! They are obscure here in North America but I've found one shop that offers them here in Canada. The Explorer WA is in my budget and I've read good reviews from various websites devoted to optics overseas. I'm wondering if anyone here has tested them as it would be slightly risky buying them before testing them out . Many thanks Darren
  6. Thanks for the insight guys, I was expecting to be blown away with Zeiss and I'm sure the high end models amaze. For me the Diamondbacks outperformed the Nikons and Zeiss, the field of view is unmatched and as you said Rune, the extra weight helps steady the views. I've read countless reviews from hunters, bird watchers and outdoorsmen who adore these binos, getting new ones if you drop them off a cliff sure makes them a deal breaker, for me anyway! Clear skies!
  7. In the endless search of a mid priced 8x42 ( for casual stargazing and general outdoor use) I finally had a chance to put three of my finalists head to head: 1) Zeiss Terra 2) Nikon Monarch 5 3) Vortex Diamondback Through my (52 yr old eyes) the cheapest - Vortex won! Best sharpness, contrast, lower C.A, and despite their added weight, felt MUCH better in the hand. Lifetime " no fault" warranty is icing on the cake. Really thought Zeiss would outshine everything in this class, any thoughts?
  8. Misery loves company, Canadian skies have been equally crummy at least here in the east, clouds nearly all winter so far. As mentioned before, clear skies on the night I work!
  9. Simon, actually with temps hitting -25c here we use any tactic to keep the ears warm, all the guys look like this!
  10. Simon, thanks for your thoughts! I'm with you when it comes to binocular astronomy, with my 10x50s my views are enjoyable and are a welcome addition to my 200p. Unfortunately the Helios brand is pretty much unavailable " across the pond" for whatever reason so I'll keep researching other brands. Clear skies!
  11. It seems less and less porro binoculars are being offered these days as the move to roof prisms looks to be the wave of the future. I'm looking for a more compact pair next and I'm wondering how mid priced roof 8x42 s would stack up against porros offered by brands like Nikon and Pentax, any suggestions or thoughts?
  12. Has anyone tried or heard good things about Vanguard binos? I've read stunning reviews yet they seem available by online purchase only, at least around here.
  13. Hello ! Has anyone experienced the Monarch 8x42s? I'm wondering how they'd compare to the Action EX 8x40s for occasional stargazing and terrestrial use. They seem pretty tight and no doubt optically correct but I wonder if they're worth double the cost of the EX version...
  14. As mentioned above, the Skywatcher 200 is wonderful (love mine!) yet the models offered by Orion would be nearly identical, my advice is to get the better deal.
  15. Anyone have advice for winter targets ? aside from M42,44, 45 and Jupiter which are great) Thanks
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