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  1. Applied 1.5x drizzle in AS!2
  2. Just done a process using Registax and AS!2. Which do you think has better detail? Registax AS!2 Cheers
  3. Thanks Steve. Yeah these were taken using the ASI120MC.
  4. Thanks. I used a revelation 2.5 barlow.
  5. Thanks for all the comments guys!
  6. Excellent images Stuart. Nice one.
  7. A couple of images taken between 2340-0005 there's a few taken but these two are only a couple that turned out okish. First set with the GRS in so quite please with that. Cheers.
  8. Great image indeed. As already mentioned I like the second one more, however I'd love to pull any detail through that's close to either one.
  9. Re-processed original image. Original Re-process
  10. Cheers Harvey, it's tips like this that makes this place so great.
  11. Cheers. I'll be looking forward to seeing it when we should be asleep!
  12. First attempts at both. Saturn as known is far from ideal at moment but had a crack regardless. Nothing compared to others but first of many more attempts to increase surface detail. Think focus is not quite there. Managed a small amount of detail on mars but nothing compared to other recent posts. Cheers
  13. Absolutely amazing. Really like the detail pulled through.
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