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  1. Hi, I am an avid variable star observer, and usually starhop where ever I need to go. I really never paid much attention to the Nexstar built in variable star database (It only contains 12 variables in the 104.0 firmware edition to start with). However, last night I'd thought I'd take a look to see what's really in it.... I got rather puzzled when glancing through the list of the 12 variables, and I found it to be quite an intriguing selection of objects. There are a few objects well without range at their minimum, and one of the variables only have a 0.05 mag in amplitude. Nothing you even tr
  2. Thanks for the hints. It seem to be a well known problem with the hand controls: http://www.nexstarsite.com/OddsNEnds/WarmHC.htm The last option, to open the box and installing caps of various types as tiny heaters, is beyond my capabilities. I am making a little insulated box now, will serve as a shell for the controll and tucked down hand warmers. Hopefully it'll keep warmer longer. Atleast it's a try at a very small cost.
  3. Hi. Tnx for reply. You never exprienced it? Now thinking maybe I've laid my hands on a lemon, again. The problem is very obvious from -17ºC (coldest temp I've tried it) up to a few dgs above zero. Spring and summer it works fine. Yeah, that's what I've tried, hand warmers, but the cable inlet in the middle of the bottom of the controller makes it hard to get a good fit. Don't understand why they couldn't put the cord connection in the bottom of the handset like any other keypad. Been thinking of making a little insulated woodenbox, fitting the controller in it, and then tucking down the warmer
  4. Hi DIY'ers My Nexstar handset give me headaches when it's sub zero outdoors. The display becomes totally unreadable, and this has been a problem with the models ever since I got my first Nextar 5 SCT around year 1999-2000. I am now at my second Nexstar, a 5" reflector and the problem is that bad I am always starhopping manually, by pressing direction buttons. When push comes to shove, I have paid a small fortune for something that cannot be used when it's cold. Buying my second Nexstar, I really thought this flaw was fixed by the innovative team at Celestron. I find the Meade Classic hand cont
  5. 6-8" seem like a optimal range where the best of all worlds come together - regardless design or brand. Personally I do find 8" a bit too bulky for my likings. If I had to sell all my instruments and start over from scratch, I'd opt for a 6" SCT - suits me best as long as I don't have a permanent site. Only thing I dislike about Celestron Nexstar is the display on the handcontroll, which is impossible to read when it's sub zero. The cord in the middle makes it hard to attach hand warmers as well. My LX200 Classic handset is much better. A 6" LX200 Classic, if there were any, would be to die fo
  6. Thanks. Yeah, the optical flaws are anticipated, guess it will be fine for variables. Will a fringe killer filter do any major difference? Never tried them. I definately want a handcarriage overhead bin size type of scope. I first thought of an Etx 70 or 80, but dont need computers.
  7. Hi, How would you rate the Sky Watcher Star Travel 80, table top? -Optics (achromatic abberation etc)? -Table tripod? -Quality of bag with aspects of lining and protection (what material?)? -Usage in general? Not looking for any alternatives (well, possibly the Sky Watcher Skymax Mak-90, light blue OTA then...also table top mounted) as I have all the various types and sizes of telescopes I need. Looking for a portable grab and go workhorse for variable stars and easier doubles/multiples as well as luminous DSO's. Why I focus on these two is because they are non-GOTO (not desired, have two of t
  8. Ascella

    Hi all,

    Great to be here! Hope to take part in many interesting discussions! Consider myself semi-advanced, been at the hobby on and off since -86, past 5 years has been very active though. Own a bunch of telescopes from 2" up to 8", but I sincerely prefer my 7x50 bino. Portability means all to me! We'll be in touch! /Ascella
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