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  1. I really wish this cloud cover over Scotland would vanish.

  2. Hi guys, Thanks for the warm welcome, That sounds really cool Adrian, It's definitely something I'd be interested in doing! Are there any specific websites I can use to find information about the meetings? I'll also check those books out Damian, I have to admit I was getting a bit over whelmed when I was researching for books last night, thanks for the heads up. Luke
  3. Hi guys, I just wanted to introduce myself, I’m coming in as complete novice with regards to Astronomy, but I love star gazing so I’m hoping I’m half way there. When it’s not cloudy, raining or snowing the night sky is breath-taking where I live. (Luckily it’s rural with hardly any light pollution.) I've always wanted to start star gazing as a hobby but never really committed or found the time. (I've made a few trips up to the observatory in Dundee but that’s the highlight.) I attended an astronomy lecture in my local town on Saturday night and it has inspired me to no end. I've dug out my ol
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