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  1. I. Gonna have to invest in this book as its always the first thing everyone says when you are getting into astrophotography
  2. You need long cables I'd guess. I tried the same last night. I've just got an OAG and Synguider so I was trying that with not a lot of success I have to say. I've got a 2 meter USB cable for the camera, the idea was to get it set up and guiding then control the exposures etc from in the kitchen. Could I get anything set up and working. NO! i set up close to the house for a change so the starts I could align with were limited so think I wasn't set up very well to be honest. Going to try again tonight. all I got were some very milky pictures of very long star trails. Fist DSO I took unguided with no focal reducer were great, much better than the pap I ended up with last night. Good luck getting sorted out.
  3. Cool, loads bet than my attempt last night :-(
  4. Hi again, Another newbie question sorry Im experimenting with a Synguider on a OAG, C8, EQ5 Pro, DSLR. Maybe I missed this bit but...I presume I go though the normal set up with the mount first, 3 star align etc, then attach all the gubbins, plug in the Synguider then "try" to find a star etc? Had a crack last night,m it was my first attempt to be fair so I expected a bit of a disaster. What I need is to sit with someone who has a OAG/Synguider combo, or experience to learn from them,,,hate manuals :-( Any general help and advice on this would be most welcome.
  5. Also I've read a bit about setting these things up, something to do with para focalising using an eye piece in the same place the guide scope goes. But I don't see how I can do this, would I need some para focal rings? I'd need an adapter to make it 1.25" wouldn't I? psorry it must be frustrating to all those who know what they're doing :-( i could do with Sonone who has a similar set up showing me what to do, should be fun when I cutaway come to using the darn thing
  6. Hi, sorry but I am a newbie to this ad need help with my OAG set up. i have emailed the manufacturer for help and this best explains my problem (self inflicts stupidity no doubt) Hi, I have one of your Advanced off axis guiders, however it does not seem to fit my scopes visual back, I have a Celestron c8 and the OAG does not fit it. Do I need to get an adapter or something for it to fit this type of connection? And if so which one would I need? (In the UK) I have a focal reducer that fits onto the scope then I presume I either fit the Celestron visual back to this then the OAG to that, or do I miss out the visual back and connect directly to the Focal reducer? I have attached a picture which will hopefully show what I mean. In the pic 1 from left to right is: 1) Focal reducer 2) Celestron Visual back (1.25") !! 3) BS Astro off axis guider Or should I be getting A replacement visual back (a 2" one?) if so would the OAG then fit to this, or would I still need an adapter? My Cannon T ring fits directly onto the back of the OAG and onto both of the supplied extensions so that's fine, see Pic 2 My problem is just getting it attached to my scope. I am going to use a Skywatcher Synguider as the guide camera and this seems to fit by directly screwing to the top of the OAG. See pic 3. Will I need any kind of adapter for this too, or do I just attach as shown in the picture above? Sorry for all the questions but I am new to all this and If you can be of any help I would be most grateful. Kind regards, Adrian ============================ they're in Portugal so hope they can translate all of that :-)
  7. Sorry anything WEST is a no go, the streetlight is in the west and the good view is in the EAST...
  8. Thanks guys, I have come to the conclusion that this book would cost me £20 but may save me ££££££££ in the long run. I want a half-way house I guess, I want something that I can take images with but that I can also observe with too. I am happy to trade off some of the imaging capability.... at this point anyway. I currently have an EQ5, which I set up last night and polar aligned on my own for the first time. Steady as a rock and tracked like a dream, I will try some basic shots tonight if I get the chance. Anythink in the western hemisphere that is fairly bright and interesting to shoot, easy for a newbie? I have taken some nice shots of Jupiter, take a look at my profile pic. Though I would like to get more detail, hence me wanting a better scope. Its the best direction from where I live, anything east is a no go as there is a big streetlight ruining the dark! I have tried the green laser pen and it doesn’t work, at least no on these lights anyway.
  9. Hi, boring for you guys I imagine (oh no not another newbie) anyway, I currently have a Skywatcher Mak cas 127 goto but I want to do more in the way of imaging, currently I'm looking at either a Celestron C8 or a Skywatcher 80ED-pro, which would be best for imaging and which would be the best all rounder.... Thanks in advance..
  10. Adester


    Couple of Jupiter pics some stacked from video some not
  11. Adester

    IMG 0701

    From the album: Jupiter

    iPhone pic through the lense
  12. Adester

    IMG 0734

    From the album: Jupiter

  13. Adester

    Jupiter 1

    From the album: Jupiter

  14. From the album: Jupiter

    Stacked from video in Registax
  15. Adester

    Gimp amended

    From the album: Jupiter

    Just taken with my EOS 1100D
  16. Adester

    Jupiter edit

    From the album: Jupiter

    Stacked in Registax from a 30 second video
  17. Adester

    The moon

  18. Adester

    IMG 0835

    From the album: The moon

  19. Adester

    IMG 0822

    From the album: The moon

  20. Adester

    IMG 0780

    From the album: The moon

  21. Adester

    IMG 0778

    From the album: The moon

  22. Adester

    IMG 0777

    From the album: The moon

  23. Adester

    IMG 1064

    From the album: The moon

  24. Adester

    IMG 1061

    From the album: The moon

  25. Adester

    IMG 1059

    From the album: The moon

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