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  1. Phenomenal. Intrigued by your processing method. Is this technique something you might have a how-to guide on? The results are amazing!
  2. Stunning capture! The inset close-ups are amazing!
  3. The loop capture is amazingly delicate! Well done!
  4. Very well done! The filter makes an amazing improvement from standard 'white light'. Cheers for sharing your experiment's results!
  5. Very detailed full disk. Well processed and good to see in monochrome. The features 'pop' out!
  6. Excellent images! 24 panes!! You are dedicated! :-) The CaK is particularly good. Well done and cheers for sharing.
  7. Excellent capture of the proms! Cheers for the comparison of the software. I have gone whole-heartedly with AviStack and not looking back. For solar images it seems to bring out the detail in the features better. Personal preference I am sure but glad to see a recent comparison.
  8. Very nice capture and presentation. Have to agree the colour is to taste. Not keen on the pink although I know that is a natural view depending on the filters one might be using. Just as green from a solar contiuum filter is a bit surreal. Good to try a variety of shades to see what brings out the features best. You just might find that monochrome is the way to go! Look forward to more of your images.
  9. Working through the backlog from several imaging sessions in September. The sun was not quite as active mid-month but still a good smattering of sunspots and filaments. Some interesting prominences on the limb. Thank you for looking. Sheri
  10. Excellent captures Nick. Nice to see the monochrome versions for enhanced contrast in the features.
  11. Very mice work!! The presentation is spot on!
  12. Superb image! Sharp focus and delicately processed. Lovely.
  13. Stunning CaK!! The surface texture is tremendous!
  14. Hmm very odd. They were certainly in the preview! Hopefully they are visible now...
  15. A surprise indian summer day allowed for some lovely autumn solar viewing. 20C light winds and high level cirrus clouds. Fair seeing conditions... The sun did not disappoint with a remarkable belt of activity. The sunspot distribution was very apparent in white light encircling an entire hemisphere. First time I had really noticed that during this solar cycle. The conditions were too poor for a barlow so simply selected a region of sunspot interest for increased frame rate to improve the image. A few images left monochrome as the detail had greater contrast then coloured versions. Thank you for looking. Sheri
  16. So glad to see you were listed in the POW honourables list. Very worthy!
  17. Excellent images and congrats on the POW honourable mentions list!
  18. That image has incredible detail!!! Well done!!!
  19. It appears the jetstream was over the UK last week causing all sorts of atmospheric turbulence. The solar images varied from reasonable to 'sizzling'. I've abandoned processing efforts on the CaK and White Light of the series as the sizzling atmosphere resulted in quite poor detail of the surface. Still, clear patches are clear patches and pleased to have managed something between clouds. The two h-alpha disks are 3 hours apart with noticeable changes to the filaments especially. Thank you for looking. Sheri
  20. Good image. Always worth having full disk images even if the conditions preclude close-ups.
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