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  1. Looks very good. The H-alpha sun does look quite intriguing in the violet usually used in CaK images. Brings out the features in a whole different way.
  2. That MOD made a huge difference to the scope's potential. WOW! Look forward to your next set of results.
  3. Fantastic work! So jealous of your viewing latitude... hope to have the sun above the atmospheric murk within a few weeks.
  4. Well done! A great set. So good to see all the activity on the Sun. I agree with your CaK colouration. It is near enough what our eye 'sees' on the rare occasion that I can detect a bit of colour in the PST CaK.
  5. Intriguing approach. I look forward to seeing more of your work in this area.
  6. The second processing attempt is right on the mark. Well done!
  7. Well done on a first! The filter you are using does given an aesthetically pleasing image.
  8. That is still one of my favourite images from your work Rob! Well done!!! Sheri
  9. Nice display of filaments! Well done!
  10. One last day of the high pressure system over Scotland before the severe gales hit! The seeing was only fair today and the ground covered in frost once again. Good thing as the camera popped off the CaK to the ground, 3 times!! The attachment manner is a bit Blue Peter at the moment but never fear, a custom attachment is under construction.... Not a moment too soon! The activity continues to be strong in H-alpha and Calcium K. I especially like the 3D nature of some of the filaments. Looks like that might be the limit for solar images this far north until after the solstice. Thank you for looking. Sheri
  11. Thank you all for your very kind comments. We survived here in Aberdeen although there were several areas nearby with a lot of damage. Scopes were safely housed so all is well.......
  12. Thanks Rob. Focusing is tricky with the sun. It really is simply using the imaging software in live preview to zoom in to an area with good contrast e.g. filament or active region. Filaments I find easiest. I then fine focus to what I think is sharp then over and under focus a bit to be sure and bring it back to the sweet spot. It is very hard on days of poor seeing so patience is required to let the image show that it is focussed sharp despite all the boiling of the atmosphere. Some days are simply a case of sizzling atmosphere and the granulation is all but lost. Focusing as best as possible makes the amount of sharpening in processing minimal which I think allows the image to retain its natural appearance better. Saying that, it is very tempting to over sharpen an image so as a wise solar image processor told me once, sharpen then step the level back just a bit to prevent over sharpening and perhaps introducing artifacts. Best advice I have had for these. Well done on your deep sky image of the Catherine Wheel galaxy!!! Now that type of imaging is a black art to me. Cheers, Sheri
  13. Gorgeous image! Certainly looks 3D and very aesthetic choice of colours. Beautiful.
  14. Gorgeous stellar colour and nebulosity... well done!
  15. Rob that is truly stunning! Certainly an unfamiliar object which should get a lot more imaging attention! ..... Science and art in one.
  16. That is a gorgeous shot! Such a lovely setting.
  17. Lovely image and super catching the prom lifting!! That event is certainly a fantastic one to catch!!
  18. The high pressure system across Scotland this week has been fantastic for solar imaging. There is only a 30min window for imaging between the neighbours trees but it is time well spent. This week all the gear was set up on frost covered ground which was rather interesting. The activity on the surface continues to be dotted by various active regions. The filaments are still my favourite to image as they snake across the solar surface. In Calcium K the sunspots truly pop into view. Amazing areas of activity practically merge across the northern hemisphere. Thank you for looking. Sheri
  19. After setting up the scope to get a the briefest glimpse between the neighbours trees I was shocked to see a prom lifting! Not enough time to get the camera set up to record the event properly but finally got a decent shot of the whole disk before the sun dipped to low. The lifting prom is a very raw output just for interest. Usual equipment: Lunt60 double stack and Skynyx 2.1
  20. Thank you for sharing this. Would never have thought the original was damaged. So nice to see what I missed due to clouds in the Channel.
  21. Excellent capture and well done on the Spaceweather mention!!
  22. Your diary is really well done! What a great idea to track your observations during the weeks. The Lunt 100 looks brilliant! Aperture envy ;-)
  23. That Lunt diagonal is very impressive! Well done!
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