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  1. Wow! thats even better than my find lol. Someone asked on the post about the mirror - its got handwritten on the back; 3048A fl 1285mm (50.6ins) Made in England Not sure how much this means but there it is. I was wondering if anyone on here does the recoating? the mirror surface is in poor condition
  2. I'm saying nothing other than £40 Just getting into the hobby and just happened upon the advert about 20 minutes after it was posted. Had to snap it up and I literally stay less than 10 miles away. It needs little work on the mount but the scope itself needs a new focuser and the primary mirror recoated. Out of sheer curiosity, how much should i have been looking to pay for this?
  3. I've got a quick (might sound silly) question on this. The adapters available for Nikon on FLO show one for NIKON and another for NIKON MF, whats the right one to buy for the D50?
  4. RikM - thankyou very much for clearing that up for me, I was thinking it was an attachment for a camera lol. Soooooo much to learn lol
  5. got a quick question about my new dob - the part on the right i know is for dropping my ep's into but when and why would i need the part on the left of the photo?? sometimes the obvious stumps me lol
  6. korginger


  7. Just had my first view of saturn ever tonight as well - absolutely stunning. Only let-down was the clouds moved in 15 minutes after i found it lol. Used a 6mm of (not sure what the of is though) with a 2.5x barlow. Didn't have time to get the dob onto it but thats gonna be my next aim Definitely have the bug now lol
  8. Just back on - looks like its a very clear decision on the 200p and throw in a few upgrades as my knowledge of the skies build and i demand more from my viewing. By the sounds of things I wont necessarily need to buy all the bits and bobs for a while, which suits me (and my wife) lol. So with that, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your input, and wish you all clear skies
  9. I dont recognise it as any brand ive seen on the likes of telescope house - its called 'In Phase' and is a reflector design. To be honest I picked it up for £30 lol. But its been enough to give me the bug for it.
  10. have to laugh at the 'upside down ships'. It's exactly what we seen today lol Also my daughter is convinced she seen someone walking on the moon before the dew set in lol
  11. wow, super fast replies - thanks folks Liking the look of the 200p - meant to also ask about dew? how do i stop that building up - ruined a clear night here for me tonight
  12. As the title is suggesting, can you give me the best idea of what to buy with a budget of £300. I know its not a lot in terms of some of the rigs that you guys will be running around with, but I am a complete newb when it comes to all of this. I bought the cheapest of cheap telescopes, a reflector design, and it was great fun seeing the moon so close up. I even got a little emotional lol When it came to zoning in on some of the stars and planets, I barely managed to hold Jupiter in my view. It was magnificent, albeit really small. My main concern however was how unstable everything was, the
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