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  1. Sorry, CCD inspector? Delrin spacers? Yes I agree, the problem looks a little like "Spacing too close" in your picture.
  2. Thanks for fast response. Those two screws adjust a compression ring, and no matter how much I adjust these, the result looks the same.
  3. Hi! I have the following setup: 1. William Optics Zenithstar 71 2. P-FLAT-F6 3. Standard T2 ring to Canon adapter 4. Canon 600D It looks like the attached picture (except for camera) According to this website: https://agenaastro.com/william-optics-2-0-8x-apo-reducer-field-flattener-6-p-flat-f6.html It says the distance from flattener to sensor should be 55-57mm. The canon 600D has 44mm flange to sensor distance. The T2 ring is the normal common one which I think has around 12mm, so I should get around 56mm distance. But whatever I do, the picture looks horrible in the corner with a APS-C sensor. See this image for example: https://www.nineplanets.se/imageViewer_dark.asp?ID=97 Look at the corners... What am I doing wrong? Anyone else has experience with this combination? This is the second WO telescope + flattener I have the more or less same problem with... so I guess I'm missing something?
  4. Thank you all for the comments! I've seen noctilucent clouds a couple of times earlier, but nothing like this before! I hope I'll get another night like this before the summer is over...
  5. I too agree that this is a lovely image, though I'm a little biased as I too like the less popular planets :-)
  6. Excellent capture! I can imagine there is a great deal of planning for something like this. How did you frame the object? Do you trust your goto so much that it centers the object? :-)
  7. I live in an apartment in the city center of Stockholm so I usually don't do any astronomy from my apartment, but now I finally got a chance to do so. When the noctilucent clouds started, I was not at home being with my friends. When I saw the show I had to say goodbye to everybody and run home. The movie consists of 656 pictures, taken 10 seconds between each other. Taken between 2014-07-11 22:40 and 2014-07-12 00:31 UTC. Click the icon to watch the movie: Noctilucent clouds are the highest clouds in Earth's atmosphere at around 80km altitude. What a great night it was!
  8. Those are power cables. I need the cable for camera control (shutter). Sorry if I was unclear.
  9. I was thinking of using the synscan to control my Canon 600D so that I never have to worry that my camera shutter runs out of battery. With the synscan this is possible to do with the multi-purpose port (see chapter 11.4, page 47 and 50 of 51 in the PDF, located here: http://skywatcher.com/downloads/HEQ&EQ6+Hand%20Control.pdf This requires that I built a cable. My electrical skills are bottom-low and the last time I tried soldering something for another project it ended up with burnt electronics My question is: does anyone know where I can find this cable that goes from the multi-purpose port of the Synscan to the Canon 600D?
  10. I too want to agree that the NEQ6 Pro is pretty silent. When I'm out with my friend (which has a Meade LX200GPS mount) the Meade is a lot noisier! You have a pretty decent "sound test" on this youtube-clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23G83RhQhys
  11. Looking really good! Your first attempt looks way better than mine!
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