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  1. nothing in the local, ill have to have a look at Tesco when i get near there if not ill try and order it in the shop!
  2. Hi, just wondering if there are any decent astronomy magazines out there, went into my local shop today and did not see one on show so i'm wondering if here are any decent magazines out there? Thanks Edo x
  3. ill try and get a picture up sometime today! cheers!
  4. wobbly with the barlow and yeah barlow is wobbly on its own aswell
  5. I have a skywatcher BK 709 EQ1 cant get a picture at the moment and im using a barlow 2x and a 25mm eye piece!
  6. ah yes sorry forgot to mention that, but yes they have been screwed in tightly!
  7. When i put my eye pieces on first it doesnt seem to stay in very well and is very loose, and the slightest touch seems to move it, is this just me or is this standard for telescopes? if not then any thing i can do to sort this? any ideas much appreciated, Thanks Edo x
  8. Edo

    New to Astronomy

    Thanks guys, never been on forum with such a nice welcoming group of people! Thanks again
  9. Edo

    New to Astronomy

    yeah, anything we can do to get rid of the clouds?!? I wish!
  10. Edo

    New to Astronomy

    Thanks guys, and thanks for the tips to stop the dew, ive heard of dew shields, any good? do they work?
  11. Edo

    New to Astronomy

    Yeah lesson learnt for sure, P.s I have a Sky Watcher BK709 EQ1 (forgot to mention)
  12. Edo

    New to Astronomy

    Hello, Just thought id say hello, and tell you my experience of my first night of astronomy on Friday. I had been doing some research on astronomy for some time and received my first telescope for my birthday last may but had yet to use the telescope due to work commitments and quite frankly i couldn't be bothered. So here it is Friday night I thought id get the telescope to have a look at what was around (this was of course the night that 2012 DA14 was meant to pass, (i didn't see it but you'll see why) so I began to set my telescope up at about 4pm and it was all going smoothly and I finishe
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