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  1. Breathtaking!
  2. That Samyang is even nearly in my price range! Reviews are very positive, thanks for the steer.
  3. Thanks for all that. Is there a particular minimum F ratio that I should be looking for for AP with these? How about any specific issues regarding getting the best out of the full frame sensor?
  4. Hey thanks for the reply, yes indeed there's a budget, since I'm spending extra to get a quality versatile general purpose lens there's not much left over. Would £300 or so get me anything worth shooting a full frame through?
  5. I'm shortly to buy a Canon EOS 6D, not as a dedicated AP camera but mainly for terrestrial use. However I thought it might be nice to have a play with for AP; not just as a OSC camera to stick to the front of my ED80 but I do love some of those wide field shots I see using a DSLR lens. I'm probably going to get a 24-105 F4 zoom lens with it as it's main "earth" lens but i suspect this won't be much cop for the night sky. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance, Andy
  6. Since I sold my solar rig I now no longer need this. I bought it due to its non sufferance of newton rings as such it found a little niche in solar imaging for a budget camera. CMLN-13S2M-CS mono 1.3 MP Sony ICX445 1/3" max 18FPS max res 1296x964 USB 2.0. Not many around but one went for £120 on Astro buy and sell last year so £80 posted seems reasonable.
  7. Hi Sean, I'm not sure if that's the case on some other tubes, but not the TAL. I just stick my diagonal on it and it focuses just fine. I'll think on splitting it, depending on interest... maybe I could just keep the PST...hmmm
  8. *** NOW SOLD *** Regrettably, i've analysed how much I've used this over the last couple of years and decided I need the space in the obsy and cash to focus on DSO nighttime imaging. I bought it from Peter Drew, who apart from being a thoroughly nice chap, many of you here will know him as an accomplished telescope maker too. It's a great little setup, you basically get 3 telescopes; obviously the modded solar scope, then it's easily disassembled down to a standard PST (the PST is completely untouched by the mod) and the TAL can also be used as a standard refractor by removing the Baader ERF (blanking plate provided for the tube). It also comes with a white light filter. I've attached a photo of the SN of the PST so you can check it wasn't one of the dodgy batch that suffered the rusty etalons! It was designed for visual high-res solar closeups but I got it for imaging, and after a bit of a learning curve was able to get some decent (for me) mosaics out of it (once I discovered a few things but mainly the way I needed to do flats), as well as prom shots etc Anyone interested will have to come and pick it up I'm afraid, due to size and value I'm not at all confident about packing it! £650. High res solar adventures on a budget! Cash payment on collection, but anyone local is more than welcome to come over and see it in action (weather/availability permitting!) For another £50 I'll throw in the PGR Chameleon camera I used for imaging with it.
  9. *** NOW SOLD *** Don't know the manufacturer but it's solid metal (aluminium I think) construction with a nice positive click at each position. Covers included for each side. £30 posted.
  10. NOTE THE SW FOCUS MOTOR AND ED80 FOCUSER ARE NOW SOLD SO ITS JUST THE HITEC FOCUS CONTROLLER NOW. I've upgraded to a stepper focuser so I don't need this any more. Note the picture shows it with the ED80DS focuser with a SW focuser but these are now SOLD. Details on the Focus Controller can be found below. Price £40 posted UK. Postage will be a signed for service. I would prefer bank xfer if possible.
  11. Dang it all I had it all packed up and ready to ship, but my fault entirely I should have specified the lens but yes having ripped it open to check Tooth above is correct it's the 18-55 lens. Re the pics, yes they all went in the DSO section here at some point, but late last year I moved my processing to Startools and reprocessed some of them (Whirlpool and Trapezium out of these three I think) and they look better IMO. Having said that all the details regarding subs etc will still be there. This being me we're not talking hours of data!
  12. Still for sale. Here are a few pics taken with the camera.