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  1. Hi Richard, apologies for taking so long to reply to this. It works better than I had hoped, there is (on my example of the lens anyway) more than enough back focus past infinity that the autofocus works like a dream through the ASIair. I'm really happy with it.
  2. For completeness, here it is now with Ivo's fantastic trick for de-purpling the stars, with extra Ha data & OIII from last night. Much happier with the colours now. Total integration time therefore 15hrs: Ha: 4h SII 4h OIII 7h. Calling it done. See you all in another year when time/weather align. Thanks for looking and clear skies all.
  3. I’m with you and I miss my reflector for that reason only, but I didn’t know you could add diff spikes that’s awesome! Mind telling me how you do it?
  4. Thanks for the feedback Ivo! I’m going to try that trick when I’m home on a couple of days, I definitely prefer my stars less purple. Startools continues to amaze me with its capabilities- so thanks again. andy
  5. Due busy life I don't produce much, and when I do it's rarely that great. I know this is still noisy as hell but it's the first time I've persevered over multiple nights trying to acquire proper data, and for the first time I've come up with something I really like, and the crop of the core is the nearest I think I've come to a "proper" astro image . I'm definitely needing more OIII as that seemed to be the weakest of my 3 channels, and some more Ha as L might help the noise some. Lots of data thrown away and ended up with 2.5h Ha, 4.5 OIII 4.5 SII. Processed in Startools. Hopefully a com
  6. As title! I'm bang in the middle of UK so pickup might be possible also
  7. Thanks for that, it looks nice especially the mounting arrangement. I went for this setup; astrojolo supplied mounting rings and guidescope mount plus a toothed pulley/belt arrangement inspired by another user on here. I haven’t connected it all up to try it yet, I fear autofocus won’t work as I’m told there won’t be enough back focus behind infinity to automate it but at least I should be able to control the motor focuser through asiair without touching it, which should still be more precise.
  8. Ah ok, thank for that. I already have that setup but want to automate it. I'll be doing lrbg+narrowband and want to make it as precise as possible.
  9. Hello, thanks but I can’t search this on eBay - thinks I’m looking for a userid?
  10. Hello. As title, has anyone had any luck setting up the above? I have a Samsung 135mm which I’ll be using with my 1600mm and controlled by ASIair. If anyone’s found an off the shelf transmision/belt drive solution or gone through the pain of assembling one would you mind sharing the details at all? Thank you in advance. andrew
  11. and here comes a possible trade war with China, so Sept/Oct might be optimistic!
  12. Wow, that chap knows what he's doing, and has same camera as me too. definitely worth a look, thank you and everyone else who's chipped in.
  13. Thanks all. I hadn't heard of Raig or Harpers, but they're quite significantly more expensive than everywhere else I've checked, and its the same story, they can't make them fast enough for demand!
  14. Yes, really I want a bigger step up from my ED80 for galaxy resolution - if I could afford the 150 triplet I would! but thank you
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