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  1. Yes I'm all about imaging... I don't think I can remember how to attach an eyepiece nowadays! I've no longer got the PST so can't upgrade it :-(
  2. That is a beautiful image, and I nearly cried when I saw "good seeing" having had my first bash at Jupiter on the same night and put my dreadful results down to poor seeing... however, it was my first play with Winjupos and although I managed to derotate about maybe 4 mins total, this was knitted together from 3 separate derogated images from each RGB channel, so can I ask was your 10 mins made up of 3x 3.33 mins per channel or 3 lots of 10 mins? Sorry for the native question but I've only stuck my toe in the water with this WJ stuff!
  3. Well thanks all for the input everyone. Certainly seems still to be a bit of risk involved in thus product, and I don't think I'd enjoy it knowing it could degrade at any moment even if it worked on arrival (even if I were able to tell it was working properly!) On balance I've decided to hold off until I can afford a decent leap from my PST stage 1, which I've decided is a Lunt 60DS. Unfortunately this may be never!
  4. I had a go at Jupiter RGB for the very first time last week. Seeing your images makes me think I should probably give up. Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.
  5. Thanks Charl, and I've seen some of your images and I'm very impressed. Like you say though it's a lot of money to spend and then be looking over your shoulder all the time!
  6. Thank John, yes I'd heard about this particular dealer dropping Daystar, but not the detail in that writeup, so thanks for that. I was wondering if anything had changed since in the 18-24 months since. I can't believe a manufacturer of even amateur consumer tech like this could survive long with those levels of quality/service.
  7. Hi all, having recently sold my solar setup (PST/TAL100 Stage 1) and now regretting it a bit, I'm considering getting a Quark for my SW ED80-DS. I've been doing a lot of reading and there seems to be a lot on carious threads and boards which implies there was a bit of pot luck involved in whether you got a unit which really "sang" or had poor quality views and/or other problems. I was just wondering if anyone who'd recently purchased one had any current feedback on their quality at all? If it's still a lottery I'll just have to wait till I can afford a Lunt 60DS etc etc! On a slightly different note does anyone use the ASI1600MM-cool for any solar imaging? It's my DSO camera but I've heard it's solar capable albeit if you can get around bad Newton bandings. Many thanks
  8. Thanks Matt. I was already trembling at what was effectively a long thin beam supporting my heavy FW and camera! To make it even longer terrifies me
  9. I wonder if anyone can help me... my setup has been permanently DSO oriented for a while now but since apparently my new ASI 1600MM camera is supposed to be suitable for planetary as well I thought I'd give it a go last night on Jupiter on my 200PDS, but I just couldn't find focus anywhere. Does anyone else have a similar setup? Normally I have the coma corrector + the standard 55mm spacer before my FW & camera but as I don't need that for planetary I simply put the barlow straight in to the 1.25' adapter at the tube end with the FW/camera plussed straight in to the Barlow. Can anyone think why that should not work? Most befuddling and I missed out all last night's fun faffing around with it. Many thanks
  10. I got stung with this last week when I thought having tricked up my scope with my new stepper motor I could just plug it into SGP and have miracles occur. Having sorted it all out I watched with glee as it refocussed neatly at exactly every point I'd told it to... but then I noticed it was continually coming up with the same focus position, even after filter changes, which I thought suspicious. A bit of digging and I found there was a "use filter" value, and (ahem) "someone" had set it to LUM, so it was changing to LUM, refocussing, then changing back to the filter it should have been using, and capturing (theoretically) out of focus! Bit annoyed, but it preserves my 2017 ratio of clear nights I'm at home / equipment faffs at 100%. Grrrr!
  11. I think that is rather amazing for such a small target with only 30 mins data! Unusual to use a Barlow though, that might not be helping the star trailing at such short exposures?
  12. Brilliant first image Vern, I wish my early shots were as good, but I also recall the rush I got when I put it on a screen and started to reveal what was out there. The trouble is it's more addictive than Meth and if you're not careful you'll end up like me with all the gear, no idea.... and no time!
  13. Thank you everyone for the advice. So is it fair to say, generally speaking, SII and OIII don't bring very much to the party in terms of image structure but are captured mainly for colouring?
  14. Hi Alex, thanks for the steer to your post, this was the exact same target I tried when I first got my ASI1600mm, but unlike yours mine were a disaster. Its great to see your separate subs, and it looks like you found the same thing I did i.e not much info on just how these channels can look separately. You have much more definition in yours; mine were just noise and strange gradients. Your project is shaping up brilliantly though, but it brings me to tears thinking about how long it would take me to get the same amount of data as you've harvested so far. With my job and the weather in the midlands UK I think more than 10hrs total data will probably be an elapsed time of a year or more!
  15. Thanks Olly, that makes sense but as I've seen literally hundreds of beautiful tricolour narrowband images of this target out there, I was thinking there must be enough of each ingredient to at least capture something; I seem to be struggling. I suppose it would be good to blame it on the moon last night even if it was only a slither!