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  1. Thanks Dave, it looks to me like this reticule is good enough for visual but nor precise enough for AP, especially as I'll be viewing head down through a diagonal so won't have the peripheral vision to line up on...
  2. Hi, I'm slowly putting together a portable imaging setup based around DSLR and Lightrack II mount etc, but I've had a bit of a to and fro over the polar scope, because the one I got first wasn't illuminated, but the one I have now (Lacerta) has a reticle I'm not used to, and looks like it relies of a very rough estimation orientation based on visual parallax with dub/merak etc. I'm not used to this kind of reticle, I'm used to a more precise finely graduated circle which makes it easy to replicate the hour angle supplied by most apps. So can anyone tell me, is there a clever way of using this kind of reticle to get precise enough PA for imaging, or is this type only any good for visual? Note I can't use the EQmod tools because this mount doesn't support it :-(
  3. I've been working on this portable setup to try and maximise my chances of getting any AP done during when working away from home. It's essentially a DSLR / Lightrack II system, and I've even found a way to attach my QHY mini guidescope with the QHY5L-II. I plan to control it with a ridiculously cheap (£120 brand new) Chuwi Win10 tablet which I chose because it has 2 USB ports; (1xUSB 2 and 1x USB3), and a small power tank. I'm waiting for an illuminated polariscope with 90 degree prism for ergonomic PA. It's a work in progress and the weather has left me zero chance to play with it this week as all the bits and pieces have been arriving, but I wonder if anyone else has this and mount and it up for guiding from PHD2, if so, I could do with some advice. The only port on the mount is a 3.5mm ST4 and it came with an RJ11-3.5mm ST4 cable. I therefore have USB-QHY from the tablet and the ST4 from the camera to the mount. Would the correct "mount" to select from PHD be "On Camera"? Anything ASCOM-ey I try and chose obviously throws up an error as EQMOD tries to detect a mount and fails - is this expected on this kind of setup? I'm only used to EQMOD pulse guiding so this is a new approach for me. Thanks for any tips.
  4. I would happily blow that up and put in on my wall and stare at it all day, it's gorgeous.
  5. My apologies, I thought I'd pulled this ad but obviously not, sorry!
  6. Backfocus for Camera

    Stupid question: is it possible to determine whether or not you've got the back spacing correct on a daylight subject? Otherwise can anyone tell me exactly what you're looking for in order to determine if you've got it right?
  7. Withdrawn from sale for personal reasons. tomato, thank you again for your understanding on this rather delicate matter, you are a gentleman and a credit to the community.
  8. HEQ5 Tripod/Pier bolt dimensions

    Thanks, at £1.03 its worth a try indeed!
  9. Hi, does anyone happen to know the specs of the bolt which secures the HEQ5 to its tripod or pier? I know it's M10 and have found somewhere else pitch of 1.5 but is there another measurement I need when specifying a thread at all? I'm trying to source a hand wheel bolt for it. Many thanks!
  10. Very impressive, especially with a smartphone well done.
  11. I'm offering my ED80 Imaging Rig as one complete package at a significant discount, but I'm also prepared to split out all the ZWO ASI 1600 Camera/FW+Filters as one item also. Please note at this stage I'm not keen on breaking it down any more than this. Add a laptop with SG Pro and this will give fully automatic DSO/LRGB/NB imaging with autofocus. See my ad for my Obsy as to why I'm selling :-( Specifications as follows: ZWO ASI 1600mm-cool mono camera. Purchased from FLO last Autumn, and replaced with a brand-new latest version of the camera March this year. ZWO 8x1.25" Electronic Filter Wheel new Dec 2016 ZWO LRGB filters optimised for 1600mm new Autumn last year ZWO Ha SII OIII 7nm filters optimised for 1600mm new April 2017 Baader outdoor rated power supply for camera Baader varilock T2 extension tube (needed for back focus behind Field Flattener) Lakeside Focuser Controller & Stepper motor with custom made bracket. New Feb this year. Skywatcher ED80DS-Pro with upgraded SW focuser & aluminium case with original diagonal, EP etc (though won't fit with the stepper motor on. Scope about 4y old. SW Field flattener QHY Mini-guidescope QHY5L-ii Colour guide cam. WHOLE KIT ABOVE The list price for all this new is £3600. My price £2500. ZWO CAMERA/FILTER WHEEL/LRGB&NB FILTERs/PSU BUNDLE List price for all this is £2300, and most of it is considerably less than 6m old. My price: £1800 Free to collect, or delivery at cost.
  12. Well I was left a small sum by a dearly departed relative, and after having spend a "sufficient" proportion on home improvements, I was able to justify this indulgence... I fear the stars will never again be in alignment like this :-(
  13. 18 months? I am significantly jealous, and you never know, I may well still have it for sale in 18 months time. This is a fairly "niche" product after all!
  14. Actually the pier was the one bit I was thinking of maybe keeping! Along with my mount head, in case I can afford a Lunt at some point in the future. Sorry about that!