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  1. m33

    i wish my disasters looked half as good as this, I think that's a great image.
  2. Flats for narrowband?

    yes, and during my admittedly short foray into NB before licking my wounds and going back to DSLR, the vignetting particularly on the weaker signal like SII was even worse that the lum/rgb channels so definitely needed!
  3. Hi yes my bad sorry forgot to say Canon. PM on its way Geordie85
  4. This lens needs no introduction. Brand new and unused. Purchased for the portable setup I'm selling in a separate listing. £300 posted UK, or £280 collection from Lichfield, Staffs. Cash bank transfer or Paypal + 3.4% sorry.
  5. Another project I specc'd perfectly before realising I'd never have time to use it because of work.... Brand new unused Fornaz Lightrack II portable tracking mount with the FMW-200 Wedge it was designed to operate with for easier PA. I'll also throw in a SW polariscope and the tilt adapter (see pics) which Fornax make to aid PA, though I never got around to trying it. I also bought 3 thumb screws to replace the grub screws on the polarscope, to aid centring the reticle, but I never got around to fitting them. Mount/wedge new (current) cost £460/£290 (£750) and I'll accept £550 for both, UK posted, which serves me right for spending ever more money on stuff I can't use to gather dust. Obviously you'll need a ballhead and tripod to complete the setup. Accept cash, bank transfer or PayPal please add on 3.4%. I'm Midlands (Lichfield) so anyone more than welcome to pickup and I'll knock £30 off the price. A review of the mount with more details on it below: LighTrackII_test_review__ATT-V10Issue3-2016.pdf
  6. Having saved up and bought this as my "dream" setup last year, I've had time & opportunity to use it about 4-5 times so I'm going back to my DSLR as and when I get the time for this hobby. I can't afford to have this much money tied up in kit I never use! **** Added thought **** I'd rather sell it as one lot but I'd consider swap + cash with anyone with the colour version of this camera who wanted to switch to mono, as I think OSC is going to be more for me given my time constraints. I'll also consider split Camera+PSU with EFW+filters. ZWO ASI 1600mm-cool mono camera. Purchased from FLO last Autumn, and replaced by same with a brand-new latest version of the camera March this year due to a bug (it's been revised several times). I also bought the anti-dew heater strip and fitted it, not convinced it needed it but while I was also importing something else from ZWO I got it anyway. ZWO 8x1.25" Electronic Filter Wheel new Dec 2016 ZWO LRGB filters optimised for 1600mm new Autumn 2016 ZWO Ha SII OIII 7nm filters optimised for 1600mm new April 2017 Baader outdoor rated power supply for camera Cost in total new appx £2000 and I'm looking for £1400 for complete, or £975 for Camera/PSU or £550 for EFW/Filters. If you look at the new prices on a leading UK suppliers website (package versus individual) these should make sense! All original boxes accessories etc. Payment in cash, bank transfer or if PayPal+ 3.4%. Price includes insured UK postage.
  7. QHY Polemaster

    Haha thank you guys! I managed a single-figure number of nights for AP this year, so I really don't have time for anything other than plug and play. (Shame I don't have the money too, otherwise I wouldn't be looking for a bargain lol)
  8. QHY Polemaster

    Just to bump it, I'm still interested in one!
  9. QHY Polemaster

    Hi, what, as an alternative to one of these? No should I have?
  10. QHY Polemaster

    Cannot presently justify the cost of a new one , but if anyone is looking to sell theirs, let me know.
  11. I'm compelled to write that is simply one fantastic image!
  12. Lovely images there Coatesg, but newbie alert could you possibly explain this "brick wall" test for me please? I've just got one of these lenses and I'm showing some strange behaviour on some images and I'd love to be able to work out what's what. Thanks!
  13. Holiday snaps, my first go at wide field using an EOS6D and purchased especially for the occasion Samyang 14mm F/2.8. After all the pain of trying to learn deep sky from my disgustingly light polluted UK garden I found the simple luxury of being able to snap a up a lightweight tripod and snap to my heart's content really liberating and quite fantastic! Focus is hard to get right at this scale I found but I tried several test shots and decided roughly which setting looked sharpest (and other ideas? Bahtinov won't work at this scale surely). The first is a single 20s snap as it came out of the camera (the longest I could get without trailing) at ISO2000. One day I'll learn how to separate out the foreground so I can maybe combine multiples of the sky for better detail, but I like it. The second was just pointed at the sky and I stacked 10x20s along with a few darks. I cropped it quite heavily due to very bad vignetting, and I'm not sure what the trailed stars on one side only (below) represent, maybe an issue with my lens? Anyway I went to town on the processing such that it makes a quite striking wallpaper for my Mac! Hope you like them.
  14. ASI1600mm cool

    Hi sorry I've been away for a while, but yes I sorted it out with a longer dovetail I realised I already had, and just shifted the whole assembly till it balanced.
  15. Thanks Dave, it looks to me like this reticule is good enough for visual but nor precise enough for AP, especially as I'll be viewing head down through a diagonal so won't have the peripheral vision to line up on...