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  1. Withdrawn from sale for personal reasons. tomato, thank you again for your understanding on this rather delicate matter, you are a gentleman and a credit to the community.
  2. Thanks, at £1.03 its worth a try indeed!
  3. Hi, does anyone happen to know the specs of the bolt which secures the HEQ5 to its tripod or pier? I know it's M10 and have found somewhere else pitch of 1.5 but is there another measurement I need when specifying a thread at all? I'm trying to source a hand wheel bolt for it. Many thanks!
  4. Very impressive, especially with a smartphone well done.
  5. I'm offering my ED80 Imaging Rig as one complete package at a significant discount, but I'm also prepared to split out all the ZWO ASI 1600 Camera/FW+Filters as one item also. Please note at this stage I'm not keen on breaking it down any more than this. Add a laptop with SG Pro and this will give fully automatic DSO/LRGB/NB imaging with autofocus. See my ad for my Obsy as to why I'm selling :-( Specifications as follows: ZWO ASI 1600mm-cool mono camera. Purchased from FLO last Autumn, and replaced with a brand-new latest version of the camera March this year. ZWO 8x1.25" Electronic Filter Wheel new Dec 2016 ZWO LRGB filters optimised for 1600mm new Autumn last year ZWO Ha SII OIII 7nm filters optimised for 1600mm new April 2017 Baader outdoor rated power supply for camera Baader varilock T2 extension tube (needed for back focus behind Field Flattener) Lakeside Focuser Controller & Stepper motor with custom made bracket. New Feb this year. Skywatcher ED80DS-Pro with upgraded SW focuser & aluminium case with original diagonal, EP etc (though won't fit with the stepper motor on. Scope about 4y old. SW Field flattener QHY Mini-guidescope QHY5L-ii Colour guide cam. WHOLE KIT ABOVE The list price for all this new is £3600. My price £2500. ZWO CAMERA/FILTER WHEEL/LRGB&NB FILTERs/PSU BUNDLE List price for all this is £2300, and most of it is considerably less than 6m old. My price: £1800 Free to collect, or delivery at cost.
  6. Well I was left a small sum by a dearly departed relative, and after having spend a "sufficient" proportion on home improvements, I was able to justify this indulgence... I fear the stars will never again be in alignment like this :-(
  7. 18 months? I am significantly jealous, and you never know, I may well still have it for sale in 18 months time. This is a fairly "niche" product after all!
  8. Actually the pier was the one bit I was thinking of maybe keeping! Along with my mount head, in case I can afford a Lunt at some point in the future. Sorry about that!
  9. Thanks Dave, I recently sold my PST & mod for the same reasons, but yes I'd like a patio Lunt to scratch the imaging itch!
  10. I've only just fitted the stepper motor to it and with my new ASI1600 camera + FW on it it's a bit too much for my HEQ5, and as I've just listed my Obsy for sale this can go now. I don't need any of the bits on their own so I'll sell it as one unit. Details as follows: Skywatcher 200PDS reflector Lakeside Stepper focuser (latest version with temp sensor) with custom made mounting bracket Skywatcher Coma Corrector Kendrick Astro secondary dew heater (not fitted) Primary mirror heater band (make unknown) Original finderscope & 28mm eyepiece List for all this is i.r.o £500, but as I'd like to be rid of the large tube itself I'm asking for £250 all in. Updated: Alternatively £200 without stepper motor, but check with me first that I can get the manual focuser back how it was before! Buyer collects from Lichfield, Staffs.
  11. ..."And the full-time score is as follows: Clouds/Work & Family Life: 1, Notty 0" Before wasting anyone's time reading too much of this I'll say up front that the buyer needs to not only collect it (Lichfield, Staffs bang in the middle of England) but take responsibility for dismantling it as well. The price reflects this. I had it installed by Pulsar from new and though it's fairly simple bolt together modular and for those more practically minded than me its going to be a piece of cake. I'm gutted but I've come to the inescapable conclusion that this is the wrong time of life for me for this hobby, and though my ambitions (and expenditure) were great, and I've built something very special in the garden, for the amount of money I have tied up in all this for the time I get to use it, I'm liquidating all my AP kit. I need to wait for retirement and start again. So my beloved Obsy has to go. Once that's gone then I'll start selling everything else. When I decided on this path I researched all the options and decided the Pulsar was the best option on the market, and I had no regrets. It's only 3y old, in great condition, completely weatherproof, maintenance free and performs it's job perfectly. Complete Specification: Pulsar 2.2M Full Height Observatory Accessory Bay Rubber flooring kit Rotation drive (not PC compatible, the one Pulsar offer now is, but is nearly twice the price at £1200 on its own) Shelf Pulley Accessory kit Security clamp kit There is currently a Pier with EQ6 plate (also fits HEQ5, which is what I have) but I'm minded to keep it for maybe occasional future solar/planetary so the price doesn't include it but we can discuss it separately if needed (though the bolts securing it aren't going anywhere!). Price: It came to over £5000 without installation 3 years ago and has gone up a bit since, so I've decided £2500 is very good value for someone who might be in the market for one of these. I don't expect this to fly off the shelf as the transport and work isn't going to be for everyone, but visits and viewings are welcome and of course let me know if you need any more info or specific pics etc. Loads more specifics about it on the Pulsar website
  12. Yes I'm all about imaging... I don't think I can remember how to attach an eyepiece nowadays! I've no longer got the PST so can't upgrade it :-(
  13. That is a beautiful image, and I nearly cried when I saw "good seeing" having had my first bash at Jupiter on the same night and put my dreadful results down to poor seeing... however, it was my first play with Winjupos and although I managed to derotate about maybe 4 mins total, this was knitted together from 3 separate derogated images from each RGB channel, so can I ask was your 10 mins made up of 3x 3.33 mins per channel or 3 lots of 10 mins? Sorry for the native question but I've only stuck my toe in the water with this WJ stuff!