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  1. Yes it Carmathen Cameras I bought a Skymax 127 on the Syncscan Alt/Az Goto tripod from them. Im totally new to this and am very pleased with the scope really compact and good preformance, they have a selection of scopes on display and you can also get the skymax127 on an equatorial mount. They also have a good website which I would check out and get prices before popping up as it gives you a bit of an idea on what to look for when you get there.
  2. http://www.ifreeware.net/download-stellarium.html Hi dont know if this will work
  3. Also just purchased a Skymax127 and got my first view of saturn and wow it was very clear even through the suppllied 25mm eyepiece with 2x barlow like you will have to get the auto tracking sussed out and some decent eye pieces seems half the fun getting to grips with the equipe hopefully a trip to the moon and jupiter to night
  4. Wow clear sky ish saw saturn for first time viewed with 25mm plus barlow on a skymax 127 and wow. found viewing beter with both eyes open cannt wait to get some decent eye pieces as just used EPs which came suppiled. Good enough though to clearly define it.
  5. Cheers Ed I saw a good article on here showing how to calculate and got similar for lens size there was a offer on new SW scopes for a lens set 50% off but do not remember lens sizes . I think mine is known as a slow scope but may speed up once I change battery pack. Like the sound of the bike battery idea also.
  6. Thanks (diolch) all really helpful good to have recommendations as so much gear out there. Just waiting for my 240v power supply to arrive as think it will also improve things from the 8 x AA which OK but goto started to do funny things after an hour or so,
  7. Thanks (merci) for info what objects do you tend to view with your Mak 127 and would you upgrade the supplied Barlow
  8. Wow thanks for fast reply, thank you I was just a bit worried as it is brand new scope that perhaps it was out of alignment but that make sense, a bit (large) of a learning curve ahead me thinks but reassurring that there is this site to help.
  9. Hi All and after reading really helpful posts on here I have just started my journey into space. Im really pleased and impressed with the sky max 127 and last night viewed Jupiter Moon and Sirius all really clear even with a 10mm lens on a 2xBarlow all suppiled with the scope for a newbie like me. It is supported on a Synscan goto tripod which for me I find very good as light and portable and slowly getting to grips with the set up which not too difficult (yet). Just a few questions. 1 when viewing Sirius at high magnification it appeared as a black object with a very bright surround a bit like a bright polo mint, is this normal. 2 what size/ type of additional lenses would I need to get me started. Thanks in advance
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