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  1. Sounds like SkyWatcher StarTravel 102, a great little scope I still enjoy using mine
  2. Also may I add if its just for visual the 200pds on a EQ5 is at its limits so if you decide that you want to do imaging you will need to upgrade the mount to a HEQ5 or a EQ6. Also if just for visual there is no point paying the extra £'s for the PDS as you might as well just get the 200p? The 150PDS on a EQ5 mount is well within the mounts limits so if you want to do imaging in the future you can with out the outlay for a heq5 mount. I love my 150pds and hopefully soon I will be using it for imaging.
  3. Hope you do not mind, can I ask.. Does it also mean that the HEQ5 mount compatable with the EQ5 tripod?
  4. Hi Steve, it used to be North Wales Snowdonia, but due to the rates goibg sky high had to get rid of the caravan.Now sadly its the old back garden where lucky enough I don't have any street lights in direct view :)Any how I must not be rude so I thank you all for the warm welcome and for book suggestions, that's one question that I no longer need to ask lol
  5. Nice one, thanks guys. Yes that's the thread just re read and I'm happy that I'm brave enough to do the mod know knowing that if there is a fault to the handset it will be because of my error and not the mods. Once again thank you
  6. Hi I'm based in Light Polluted Birmingham and i have spent most of my life gazing up at the heavens. I spent many a night in Sutton Park staring up at the night sky after a few beers in my younger days lol sadly it took me until X-mas 2011 to aquire my first scope, a SW ST102 with a EQ3-2 mount as a X-mas and early Birthday prezzy from the wife. One year on still have the ST102 but now it sits atop of a EQ5 mount but not for long as I have just aquired a SW explorer 150 PDS which i will eventually use to get me into imaging. Great to be here, I do not know why i never joined ages ago?
  7. Hi, I came across this whilst searching for any info on the EQ5 Dual Axis Drives ST-4 Mod. I have come across the shoestring mod for adding a ST 4 port to the hanset but before i actually purchase the kit from Shoestring i was wondering does it actually work? A couple of days ago I came across a post in the SGL by a gent who said that he lost 3 hand sets but it was unclear if this was down to the st 4 mod. sadly i have not been able to find this topic again. I know this topic is over two years old so sorry for reopening it.
  8. The EQ5 setting rings are just for cosmetics to make it look good.
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