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  1. probably the worst time for stargazing but get your dob on the moon when its out..you will get some fantastic views and Jupiter too
  2. Hi Derek, welcome to the forum..im in Hamilton too, there are decent sites to use your dob not far from here..Loudon hill is one. The 8" dob is a beaut..my first scope..enjoy it
  3. i asked everyone to give me money for my birthday..that got me an 8" dob..next one I sold the dob and added a wee bit from my wages to get a computerized one..next one I swapped for a diff computerized one and the one I have now I sold the biggie and got a 12" dob and left me with a few hundred pounds to play with
  4. ah now a little nob is the key to true happiness....
  5. three quarters of the way up the arm you see a wee black nob..thats what you tighten it with..make sure its properly in tho or its an expensive mistake to make lol
  6. it slides on and you tighten the nobbly bolt thing that it slides onto on the mount..try swivelling the mount head up and down incase you cant see it..no question is silly so don't worry about it
  7. the 200p was my first scope...I think its a metre and a half long..across the backseat yes..boot? hmm not sure
  8. Okay, I bought my first scope and it was this..http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-200p-dobsonian.html views were fantastic and not that heavy to be honest (if you split it), I then wanted more...more ye hear! and I wanted a GOTO so I got this...http://www.firstlightoptics.com/advanced-series-goto/celestron-c6-sgt-xlt-goto.html but could I get the hang of polar alignment? could I heck! so I decided on this http://www.firstlightoptics.com/se-series/celestron-nexstar-6se.html which is not too glitzy or glammy, not heavy as long as you set tripod up first then OTA etc and very simple to use..alignment is a breeze too..but as im sure everyone on here will tell you..each to your own....prob better trying to see one or more of them in action. You will get million different answers on this subject. Keep us up to date with what you eventually choose
  9. Hi there, welcome to the forum..only time i went to Dunoon was on the Waverley with my 6th year georgraphy class 27 years ago!!!!!..you should have a decent sky over there
  10. ideal!! got me one and some Baader solar film to make me a filter for my scope..better not be cloudy! I have taken a day off work for it!
  11. or buy the sky at night mag this month and get the glasses for free!
  12. Well if you want a bit of planets and a bit of the deep sky then you could go for a Dob...and you want to get the best you can afford..you WILL end up wanting bigger I can assure you of that! a 130p and a 150 dob are easily within your price bracket but you can get better 2nd hand if you so wished..from my own experience and from reading and hearing from others, astronomers don't tend to make a mug of you when they sell their gear..but you could get a 200p dob for that money or a 150 on an eq mount. My personal advice would be to go to a local club and try out other peoples scope, you have one in Manchester I see..http://www.manastro.co.uk/ http://www.gumtree.com/p/binoculars-scopes/dobsonian-telescope-skywatcher-skyliner-200p.-additional-equipment-available/1100050674 http://www.gumtree.com/p/binoculars-scopes/skywatcher-telescope/1100430576 Good luck with whatever you decide on, keep us updated with what you get
  13. Ah now surely you should know that with every telescope purchase comes a free bank of dark clouds for the next two weeks!
  14. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/234152-altair-astro-starwave-70ed-unboxing-and-weigh-in/?hl=%2Bstarwave+%2B70ed#entry2539044 enjoy you lucky thing!
  15. Most scopes if not all can be used for solar viewing, you can make your own filter or buy them. Refractors are quite light, lighter than a Mak anyway. I have a Celestron 6se, the actual OTA itself and the legs are light, the mount is a wee bit heavy. The heritage range might be best suited to you tho, table top scope with or without goto/tracking. Have you not had a wee look at some of the other members scopes? Does the mount matter? does it have to be EQ or are Alt/Az dob ok?
  16. Damn these blasted clouds....damn them all to hell!!!!!

  17. Ah the Forth..not been up there for a wee while..covered in fog last time I was there. I will check it out though
  18. Adhyskonydh...you can get a 2nd hand 200p skyliner for the money you want to spend, it breaks down into two manageable parts and not heavy..okay for a bad back Mad astro girl...if its a Mak you are looking for then you can get a Celestron 6se for £749 from FLO and cheaper 2nd hand and that is with the Alt/Alz mount..same price in RVO
  19. better get your inner ear checked..either that or the clouds were blowing across it fast..i thought there was a hell of a lot of satellites up there once!
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