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  1. I have a pair of William optics binoviewers and they work without Barlow or 2x nose piece with my William optic Zenith Star 80mm using all my eyepiece pairs, I also use them with my OO OMC-140 with no Barlows etc. Out of the two I would choose the William Optics for the wider views and is also excellent on planets.
  2. My girlfriend saw it out of the window when we was watching TV, she jumped off the sofa and said a green thing has just fallen from the sky, I think it landed in the back garden of the house across the road
  3. Good job on the scope, looks much better than stock. I have tried to use my mobile phone to take pics of Jupiter but never managed to get one as good as yours. Rick
  4. Hi Chris I will take the Takahashi diagonal please if still available? Rick
  5. So with the tube cut down and rear baffle removed it was time to check if the draw tube entered the light cone using Andy's method above i also racked the focuser all the way in. As Shane said there was no problem at all, it measured as it should at 4" Next job was to check the remaining two baffles for been square, to my surprise they to the mm spot on, maybe the previous owner already did this. Then on to the flocking and filling the holes around the baffles, i was surprised at how bad the light bounced around in there, it had shiny black paint and the holes aro
  6. Thanks Ben To be honest I didnt really want to chop the tube, I would of liked to keep it original but I think I will use it more now it has been updated a little. I have done the flocking etc, I was about to post with some pics but for some reason I can't get on SGL using the laptop at the moment, hopefully it will let me on later and I will update what has been done so for. Rick
  7. Bad stuff! I didn't realise at the time, I saw the add got put on again last night so clicked on it but I had just looked at something else so knew I was logged in, then when I pressed the back button on my phone It kept reloading the fake login screen, took a few attempts to get off it.
  8. I'm sure I clicked on one and was asked to log in at the beginning of weekend, so changed my password just in case
  9. Its a link to Ebay not the redirected site so people can see the pictures etc so they know not to click on that item, only trying to stop it happening to people who hadn't realised.
  10. Looks like someone has reported it as it had gone already, I'm sure there will be another of the same soon, they are all buy now £1.
  11. Just a heads up, I have noticed loads of these adds lately for high end equipment on eBay and they normally tell you to reply to a gmail email address, I just clicked on the one in the link bellow and noticed that if you click on description it seems to redirect you to a fake eBay sign in page? I'm guessing this is how they manage to get in to peoples accounts to do these adds? I can't see any way to report this on my mobile though. Don't get court out by this. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Takahashi-TOA-130-OTA-/252272979713?nav=SEARCH
  12. Thanks Jules I might take you up on that, I will be in touch. Andy I will try that method tonight thanks. So this morning I went to work on shortening the tube, I only have a wood workshop at my disposal so that had to do, I put an old blade on the table saw to start with and chopped 80mm off, the size difference in focusers racked in was 60mm so I took a bit more off to allow for the 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter and longer light path of modern diagonals. Then I set the blade around 0.5mm up to reduce the tube so the new focuser could slip over the top as the old one did. N
  13. Thanks Shane, the focuser is very solid and seems much better built than the Synta equivalents that i have and luckily should be quite easy to fit on the tube. AndyH - Thanks for all your help with this so far i decided to go with the 2" focuser as this was a much easier option as Shane was selling one just as i was deciding and it gives me more options for eyepieces to use and even binoviewers maybe. I am going to cut the tube tomorrow and fit the focuser, is there any way of knowing if and how much i will need the cut off the draw-tube? Unfortunately the top part of the tub
  14. When this came up for sale i couldn't resist to see what all the fuss was about, I've heard lots of good things about them and this was going very cheap. I took a bit of a chance as it was in N Ireland so could only go from photos, the seller told me he could get it to within an hours drive from where i live free of charge on his works transport so how could i say no. It came with a broken tube ring and unfortunately it was missing a couple of parts including finder scope, end cap and diagonal but everything else was present. It all came in the massive coffin box, the tube paint
  15. I can't see why it wouldn't work, here are the connectors on mine, yours will probably be the same motors just different handset and box.
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