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  1. Just noticed while browsing the net that today I share my birthday with the great Sir Patrick Moore. Happy Birthday Sir Patrick. Who do you share your birthday with? Now time to start playing with all the astronomy bits and pieces I have today acquired.
  2. Great review. Have been looking at 100's of eyepieces over the last week and I am now convinced this is my preferred choice to upgrade the stock ep's that were supplied with my 130p. Bonus being its my birthday in a fortnight and the wife says she'l buy it for me. Thanks
  3. Thanks for posting. Very interesting read especially for a newbie.
  4. Also some very informative videos on many aspects of astronomy, Just lost an hour or so of my evening but now further enlightened on my new hobby. Thank you.
  5. Not wanting to Hijack the thread,and have been studying thread for a while. I am in the same predicament as Big-GAz. Got a new Sky-watcher 130p also with the 10mm and 25mm eye pieces. Now looking at what to get for better viewing but the choice is massive. Was considering getting a zoom? Maybe Meade 8-24 4000 series or Sky-watcher 8-24. Mainly want to view Lunar and Planetary. Budget about £100. Where do i go? All help appreciated as above.
  6. Very impressive. I am currently waiting on delivery of my T2 adaptor for my 550d T mount arrived yesterday. Did you use camera in manual if so what was your shutter speed and aperture settings? If my first shots are anything like this I will be pleased. Keep up the good work.
  7. Got for laptop and paid for the android app version for my tablet, might be easier to use outside and also uses the gps on the tablet. Will try it out soon hopefully.
  8. Well couldn't believe my luck last night. Went into the conservatory and spent some time balancing the scope ready for a clear night when I noticed the moon was visible as well as the stars. In no time at all the scope was in the garden. Red dot starfinder aligned fairly easily and then on to the moon. Oh the detail was incredible. Looked at a few constellations and with the help of skymap on my galaxy tab I think I was looking at Jupiter. Although focusing was a little difficult I could clearly make out bands across whatever it was I was looking at. A quick check of the time and it was 10.45!
  9. Hi Ed Welcome to the forum from a fellow newbie.
  10. Thanks for all of the welcomes. Scope assembled and played with. How long for a clear sky?
  11. Thanks for the kind replies
  12. Hello all. After many years of looking at telescopes and dreaming of eventually getting one, I finally bit the bullet and after lots of research ordered a Skywatcher explorer 130p on saturday. Only right at the same time to join the forum and start reading in anticipation of my pending delivery. Well have just got home from a hard days graft to be met at the door by my wife and a very large box. Heres looking forward to the next few hours. All I want now is a clear sky at night. Looking forward very much to fulfilling a long outstanding dream. Thanks for having me and look forward to taking p
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